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How to Clean and Cook a Fish

Fish is a delicious and healthy food, and is available in abundance all around. While you can always pick it up at the local grocery

How to Hook Up Your Trailer at a Campsite

Did you know that many campsites offer hookups for trailers and RVs? These hookups allow you to have power, water, and even sewage capabilities in your own trailer. If you’re new to camping or need a refresher, read on to learn how to hook up your trailer at a campsite. Items You’ll Need to Hook Up Your Trailer Your trailer’s power cord and any necessary adapters Surge protector Portable fresh water hose (often white or blue) Water pressure regulator Sewer hose Hose adapters and clear sewer elbow Sewer hose support Disinfectant spray Protective gloves Hook Up Your Trailer at a Campsite 1. Prepare to Hook Up Your Trailer Before you hook up your trailer at a campsite power source, ensure that your trailer’s circuit breaker is switched off. You should also have a quality surge protector with you to protect your trailer from electrical accidents. Taking both of these steps will save you from accidentally frying your trailer’s electrical connections.  2. Plug in the Power Cord Once you have prepared everything you need to start hooking up your trailer, the next step is to plug in the power cord. To do this, start by locating the pedestal. Next, identify which power outlet corresponds with your trailer’s electrical cord.  There may be 20 amp, 30 amp, or 50 amp power outlets on the pedestal. Each of these power outlets has a unique pattern and size. You should be able to easily identify which power outlet is correct for your trailer. On …

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