History of Basketball

Welcome to a captivating journey through the riveting history of basketball. From its humble origins in a Massachusetts gymnasium to the glitz and glamor of the modern NBA, this article unveils the fascinating tale of a sport that has become an integral part of American

Different Types of Basketball Rims

With basketball season coming back, it is time to return to the courts. If you want to start practicing at home, you will need to invest in a goal. Unfortunately, purchasing a basketball goal is easier said than done if you are unsure of what

How to Choose the Best Basketball Hoop

What Kind of Basketball Hoop Should I Buy? In order to enjoy top-notch practice sessions, you’ll need quality, reliable equipment. Basketballs, workout clothes, and sneakers are easy aspects to fix. What matters most in terms of equipment is the type of basketball hoop. This is

White basketball hoop with a tree in the background

Basketball Drills You Can Do at Home

You can refine your basketball skills no matter where you are, with or without a proper hoop or court. Whether you are in your basement, garage, driveway, or backyard, there are plenty of basketball drills you can do at home. In this article, we will

How to Replace a Basketball Rim

Basketball rims suffer a ton of abuse over time. Every shot is an impact absorbed by the rim. Every dunk is potentially a rim-ruining experience. Cheap basketball rims will quickly fail after sustaining too much abuse. Eventually, you’ll need to replace your rim with a

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