A brown rope is tied in a simple knot around a cleat on a blue boat

4 Simple Boating Knots Everyone Should Know

Whether you are on a sailboat or a motorboat, everyone should know how to tie at least four key boating knots and when to use them. You will see these knots become second nature with a little practice and regular use on the water. Here

Roof Rack Kayak Holder

How to Transport Your Kayak

You’ve just purchased a new kayak, and now you need to know how to transport it on a roof rack. Taking the necessary precautions to ensure safe transport is crucial to keep you, your vehicle, and other people on the road safe. While it is

A man drives a boat across water as the sun sets behind mountains in the background.

What do you need to go boating?

Whether you’re gearing up to float leisurely with the current, planning a fishing trip, or speeding through the water with your friends in tow on a tube, preparation is necessary. Here’s a helpful list of items you should always have on hand to maximize both

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