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How to Start Your Own Compost

Compost is a common word in the lawn and garden community, but some people are confused about what it is and how it works. Composting

A watering can is pouring water over plants

Are You Over-Watering Your Garden?

Plants need lots of water to grow. However, too much water can be just as harmful to your plants as not enough water. Over-watering your

home garden

Tips For Your First Home Garden

Gardening is such a rewarding experience. All of your hard work will pay off with beautiful flowerbeds or delicious flavors. However, there are so many

Protecting Your Garden in a Cold Snap

A cold snap poses a significant danger to your garden should you face it unprepared. You must have a plan before a cold snap hits. Otherwise, the damage your plants will face could ruin your whole garden. Bearing that in mind, here is what you can do to protect your garden in a cold snap! How do you keep plants warm in cold snaps? Move Your Potted Plants Inside Moving plants inside an enclosed space is recommended if you have hanging plants and container gardens. Leaving these plants inside a home or garage during the cold snap means they will not be subjected to the incoming frost. Unfortunately, this strategy will do your ground plants no good. Digging up your garden bed can do more harm to the budding plants than good. Instead, you should cover and mulch your garden plants during a cold snap! Cover Your Plants Covering your plants with a basket or a frost blanket will keep them warm. By employing a covering, you will not only insulate the ground surrounding your garden but also trap the hot air with the plant. It is important to note that while covering your plants is a viable strategy; you must remove the cover as soon as the temperature starts warming up. Leaving a blanket on your garden for too long can kill the plants. On top of that, you should never, under any circumstance, use plastic to cover your plants in a cold snap! Mulch Your Plants Mulch will …

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