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Your Guide to DIY Landscaping

If you want to ensure that your property matches your clear vision, then consider DIY landscaping. By refraining from going to a company for a

How to Start Your Own Compost

Compost is a common word in the lawn and garden community, but some people are confused about what it is and how it works. Composting

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

Hey there, fellow garden enthusiasts! Want to up your gardening game? We’re going to take a look at how to build a raised garden bed. This cool DIY project has lots of perks. Better drainage, less soil compaction, and fewer weeds are just a few. It’s also easier to maintain and looks great. So, let’s jump in and start building! Gather Your Materials and Tools Before we dive into building a raised bed, let’s make sure we have all the materials and tools we’ll need. Here’s a quick checklist. Materials Type of wood: pressure-treated lumber or rot-resistant alternatives (e.g., cedar, redwood) Galvanized screws or nails Landscape fabric (a.k.a. weed barrier) High-quality garden soil mix Mulch (optional, but helpful!) Tools Measuring tape Level Saw Power drill or screwdriver (for pilot holes and screws) Hammer Shovel Wheelbarrow or garden cart Gloves and safety goggles (safety first!) Designing Your Dream Raised Garden Bed Now that we have our materials and tools, let’s plan our raised garden bed. First, figure out where you want to place it. Make sure it gets enough sunlight and has good drainage. Next, decide on the height and width. You’ll want it deep enough for your plant’s roots to grow and at a comfortable height for you to work with. When choosing your wood, pressure-treated lumber is a popular choice because it’s rot-resistant and can last for years. However, you can also use other types of wood like cedar or redwood. Just make sure it’s safe for gardening and …

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