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Why Gun Safes & Cabinets Are Essential for Gun Owners

Owning guns can bring a sense of safety into one’s life, whether by providing a means of defense against intruders or being able to hunt food in remote areas. Most gun owners understand the importance of gun safety when handling guns, but the importance of safe gun storage is often overlooked. Did you know that approximately 54% of gun owners in America don’t lock all of their guns securely? According to Everytown, roughly 350 children accidentally shoot someone every year, and 76% of school shooters obtain their firearms from the home of a parent or relative. Securing your firearms in a proper gun safe or cabinet will prevent tragedies like these. Using a quality USA-made gun safe will benefit you in several ways.

How Gun Safes Benefit Gun Owners:

There are several ways gun owners can benefit from owning a gun safe.

  • Prevent home invaders from using your firearm against you
  • Keep children and visitors safe from accidental shootings
  • Protect you from gun theft, ensuring that your gun is not used in a crime that could potentially incriminate you
  • Protect guns from water damage that could render them non-functioning
  • Keep smoke and heat from entering and damaging guns

Some of the Best Gun Safes & Cabinets, Beloved by Omni Customers

There are so many ways that using a quality gun safe could save you from catastrophe and elevate your gear storage. Don’t be unsafe, get a gun safe. Here is a carefully curated list of some of the best gun safes and gun cabinets for sale at Omni!

The Sports Afield 64 Gun Safe: A Fully Customizable All-in-One Safe

You’ve been scouring a multitude of gun safe reviews on the internet in search of the best, look no further than the Sports Afield 64 Gun Fire/Waterproof Safe. These long gun safes boast triple seal protection for elite defense against smoke and fire. They’ve been built to withstand temperatures of up to 1,400 degrees for 30 minutes, as well as water pooling of up to two feet for seven days. That means that even in the event of a fire or flood, your guns can stay protected.

The fully carpeted interior functions to cushion guns from dents, dings, and scratches. It features an adjustable barrel rack with enough space to store 60 guns, plus a door organizer with 10 handgun holsters. It comes with a fully programmable electronic lock, two failsafe override keys, and a UL-rated power outlet. The electronic lock can be programmed with your own passcode, providing easy access to gun owners when needed, and added security when not. It’s made from highly durable industrial-grade steel and coated in a black textured gloss powder finish.

If the functionality of this gun safe has you excited, it gets even better. The Sports Afield 64 can be customized and enhanced with a variety of accessories and add-ons for each owner’s specific needs. Possibilities include a dehumidifier, pistol rack, LED light kit, door organizer, barrel rest, and more! With ample storage space, steel construction built to last, and unmatched security, the Sports Afield 64 Gun Safe can’t be beat.

Surelock Combat Utility Cabinet: Security in Style

Surelock Combat Utility Cabinet: Security in Style

If you’re seeking that classic and rustic wooden gun cabinet look with all the durability of a steel gun safe, then behold the SureLock Combat Utility Cabinet! This stunner comes in both a matte black and deep brown powder-coated finish, rendering an attractive addition to your home. It includes adjustable shelves to account for the varying heights of your equipment. Effectively store and protect your valuables, including handguns, ammunition, hunting gear, and more.

With a 21-gauge steel body and a 19-gauge steel door, there won’t be any breaking into this box- your guns will remain only in the right hands. The signature Surelock 3-point locking system ensures security at any threat level. A key lock and spare keys are included to grant access and peace of mind to owners. For those in search of some of the best deals on gun safes and cabinets, Surelock is a sure thing. 

SureLock Boss 76 Gun Safe: Revolutionizing Gun Safety Through Organization

For avid gun collectors and gear enthusiasts, the SureLock Boss 76 Gun & Home Safe is your all-in-one security solution. With its adjustable interior gun racks and shelves, the Boss 76 has the capacity to hold up to 76 long guns. Not only is this long gun safe space efficient, but it will also buy you time. Rest assured for up to 72 hours after a flood that your belongings will be protected in this safe. The thick 12-gauge steel, electronic safe lock, 14 active steel bolts, and 75-minute-long ability to withstand fires have you covered.

The interior organization of the door panel is unparalleled, featuring padded pistol pockets and storage compartments for smaller items. This could be a game-changer in the event of an emergency or home invasion. The organization capabilities provided by this safe offer a level of access that could save you time and struggle in moments when you need it the most. This is one of the most highly sought-after gun cabinets for sale here at Omni, and it’s clear to see why. 

Remington Express 44 Gun Safe: Elite Technology for the Ultimate Safe 

The Remington Express 44 Gun Fire/Waterproof Safe is truly a standout among its ranks. Its innovators went the extra mile with this long gun safe, employing advanced technology and superior craftsmanship for protection that outlasts the rest. In temperatures of 1,650 degrees or less, it can withstand smoke and fire for one hour. The triple seal protection not only serves gun owners in the event of a fire but also against water. This beast of a gun safe can endure up to seven days of water exposure before guns become vulnerable to damage.

The Remington Express features a fully carpeted barrel rack and shelves that are height adjustable for maximum space efficiency. There are 44 long gun positions available, along with a door organizer containing six handgun holsters and zippered pockets. The programmable SecuRam electronic lock and pair of failsafe override keys ensure foolproof security, and the included accessories conjure an additional element of protection for the best gun safe imaginable. It has motion-activated LED lights to help you access your belongings in the dark or to alert you if someone is near it.

The re-locker device has been built in to combat any tampering with the construction of the safe. Made of industrial steel with a graphite satin metallic powder coat finish, it will resist drilling, disassembly, and other forms of manipulation, affording you the ultimate sense of security and peace of mind. The elite features and extra measures of the Remington Express 44 Gun Fire/Waterproof Safe could be what keeps you safe in a dangerous situation.

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