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How to Choose the Best Basketball Hoop

What Kind of Basketball Hoop Should I Buy? In order to enjoy top-notch practice sessions, you’ll need quality, reliable equipment. Basketballs, workout clothes, and sneakers

Is pickleball good for your health?

Pickleball has recently seen a surge in popularity here in America. The sport’s simple gameplay has drawn people of all age groups to it. With

Are Pickleball Paddles Worth the Money?

Pickleball has become one of the fastest-growing sports in the US, bringing new brands, materials, and styles of pickleball paddles. At first glance, it would

How to Measure a Bocce Ball Court

Are you a bocce ball enthusiast or simply looking for a new lawn game for entertaining guests? Either way, bocce ball is an excellent lawn

How to Play Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is a popular outdoor game that has recently become more common. The simple and quick gameplay makes it a perfect game for backyard

two pickleball paddles and a ball

Best Paddle Types for Pickleball

Has Pickleball, the fastest-growing sport in America, caught your attention recently? Are you feeling overwhelmed by how many choices there are regarding paddles? Well, I’m here to tell you what the best paddle types for Pickleball are and how to pick them. The best kind of paddle is subjective. There are hundreds of paddle types that are all geared toward different play styles. It is hard to pick the best paddle due to personal bias. So, instead of telling you the best paddle, here’s how to decide the best one for you! Paddle Type Most pickleball paddles fall into three shape categories: standard, oversized head, and elongated. There are specific dimensions that paddles have to stay within to be legal for play. These are width, length, surface, etc. The shape categories each push these limits to the extreme in their desired direction. Normal-shaped paddles like an ONIX Z5 create a nice, even feel with the sacrifice of any specific advantage. On the other hand, oversized head paddles offer a larger sweet-spot area that makes hitting the ball back with gusto a possibility most of the time. Finally, elongated paddles like the Selkirk Invicta have a more extended handle and paddle face at the expense of some width. The shape of pickleball paddles can dictate how you play the game to some point, and you want something that will suit how you approach the ball. Paddle Surface The surface is what many people notice first when they’re looking for the best …

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