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How to Play Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is a popular outdoor game that has recently become more common. The simple and quick gameplay makes it a perfect game for backyard

two pickleball paddles and a ball

Best Paddle Types for Pickleball

Has Pickleball, the fastest growing sport in America, caught your attention recently? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by how many choices there are regarding

How to Replace a Basketball Rim

Basketball rims suffer a ton of abuse over time. Every shot is an impact absorbed by the rim. Every dunk is potentially a rim-ruining experience.

How to Measure a Bocce Ball Court

Are you a bocce ball enthusiast or simply looking for a new lawn game for entertaining guests? Either way, bocce ball is an excellent lawn game for spending time outdoors and having a friendly competition with your friends, neighbors, or family. In this article, we’ll break down how the game is played and how to measure a bocce ball court in your own backyard. What is Bocce Ball? Bocce ball is a lawn game that is played with eight large weighted balls, and a smaller target ball called a Pallino. The objective of the game is for each player to take turns bowling or throwing the eight weighted balls as close as they can to the Pallino.  Where to Play Bocce Ball Bocce ball can be played nearly anywhere. It can be played inside or outside, on a court or without a court. The most important detail when selecting a location to play bocce ball is that the ground must be level and without obstructions so that the game is fair.  Bocce ball is most commonly played on a court. This court usually has materials like sand, stone dust, or oyster shells for proper texture and drainage. However, you can also play bocce ball without a court on a field, dirt, or well-manicured lawn. If you go this route, it is still important to measure a bocce ball court with stakes so that you have clear boundaries, foul lines, and a center line to play off of.  How to Measure …

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