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Roof Rack Kayak Holder

How to Transport Your Kayak

You’ve just purchased a new kayak, and now you need to know how to transport it on a roof rack. Taking the necessary precautions to

A man drives a boat across water as the sun sets behind mountains in the background.

What do you need to go boating?

Whether you’re gearing up to float leisurely with the current, planning a fishing trip, or speeding through the water with your friends in tow on

man fishing

What do you need to go fishing?

Despite being one of the most popular hobbies in the world, getting into fishing is harder than it sounds. Before you go cast the line

fishing rod

Best Fishing Rod for Beginners

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable pastimes, sports, and hobbies. Men and women all over the world enjoy fishing both as a means to

A brown rope is tied in a simple knot around a cleat on a blue boat

4 Simple Boating Knots Everyone Should Know

Whether you are on a sailboat or a motorboat, everyone should know how to tie at least four key boating knots and when to use them. You will see these knots become second nature with a little practice and regular use on the water. Here are four simple boating knots everyone should know and when to use them.  1. Bowline Boating Knot The first knot that is essential for boaters to know is the bowline. It is a more commonly known knot, particularly for those who were once involved in Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. Bowline knots create a loop that can help pass through cleats or tie around items like rings or riser rails.  The key to understanding the bowline knot is tension. This knot relies on tension in order to remain secure, which is what makes it so useful in boating. However, it cannot be untied unless you can somehow release that tension. Make sure that you can free the other end of the line anytime you use this common knot.  2. Clove Hitch Boating Knot Another simple boating knot everyone should know is the clove hitch. The clove hitch is useful because you can use it to quickly fasten a line around items like rails or guard wires. It is also a knot that is easily adjusted by releasing some tension on the part of the knot that crosses over like an ‘X’ and shortening or lengthening the lines that you need to be adjusted.  Be cautious …

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