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Making Your Garage Multi-Functional

The garage is perhaps one of the most under-utilized spaces in American homes. It’s all too common for garages to turn into collection spots for

5 Tools Every Garage Should Have

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or just like to have a place to store your car, a garage is a necessary addition to any home.

How to dehumidify your garage?

A humid garage not only feels uncomfortable but also damages your home. Dehumidifying your garage is a continual process, and there is not one overarching solution to the problem. Because of this, to keep the moisture under control, you will first need to employ quite a few steps. Here’s how you can dehumidify your garage! How do I reduce the humidity in my garage? If your car has water droplets on it from the weather, then do not park in the garage. Try to park your car in the garage before it rains; however, if you have to drive it then towel dry it after. In the wintertime, you should keep your car from tracking snow in the garage.  Cardboard contains cellulose which is a prime spot for mold to feed on. Switching over to plastic storage where you can go a long way in clearing your garage of any unwanted moisture. A ceiling fan and an exhaust fan will keep the airflow in your garage going. Investing in these will pull the moisture out of your garage, thereby dehumidifying it.  If you do not have gutters or downspouts, then you are in trouble. As the water pools around the garage, it will travel underneath the foundation. Investing in countermeasures is imperative if you want to keep your garage from experiencing water damage.  If you cannot afford gutters, then sloping the ground around your house is a short-term solution. Creating an arc that will keep the water running away from …

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