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Making Your Garage Multi-Functional

The garage is perhaps one of the most under-utilized spaces in American homes. It’s all too common for garages to turn into collection spots for

5 Tools Every Garage Should Have

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or just like to have a place to store your car, a garage is a necessary addition to any home.

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How to Store Sports Equipment So It’s Out of the Way

Are your garage floors cluttered with sports gear? Whether you stay active by playing sports or your children do, you might be familiar with the challenges of storing equipment. Bicycles lean against walls and fall over; basketballs roll across the floor; knee pads get separated and end up abandoned in corners.  If this sounds familiar to you, know that you are not alone. No matter the size of your garage, many people struggle with how to store sports equipment so it’s out of the way. Fortunately, there are many great ideas for how to store gear smartly and efficiently. Here are a few of our best tips for getting the sports gear in your garage storage under control.  Use Vertical Space Utilizing the vertical space in your garage is an excellent strategy to store sports equipment so it’s out of the way. You could consider storage solutions that will hang on the walls or ceiling of your garage while still making it easy to access. Here are a few suggestions for thinking vertically with your sports gear storage space.  Bike Hooks Are you tired of dealing with bicycles propped up against walls or falling over into your parking spaces? Try using bike hooks. There are many different kinds of bike hooks: Some store your bike by the tires, while others hook to the body of your bicycle. There are also options for hanging your bicycles perpendicular to the wall, parallel against the wall, or even from the ceiling.  These storage …

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