11 Tools to Level Up Your Breakfast on the Griddle

There’s nothing like waking up slow on a Sunday morning to the sweet familiar scents of a nice, big breakfast on the griddle: coffee brewing, bacon crisping, and pancakes cakin’. Whether you’re a griddle grandmaster or a beginner griddler, you can bring the joy of home-cooked morning time feasts to your family, friends, and loved ones. There are so many Blackstone griddle breakfast recipes out there to try, and these tools are here to help you bring them to life. Here are 11 tools to level up your griddle game!

  1. A Spacious Griddle

Some of us like to cook extravagant breakfasts with all the trimmings- I’m talking pancakes, bacon, eggs, French toast, sandwiches, sausages, fresh fruits- the works. Others like to go for quantity, wowing their many guests with the sheer volume of good food they can produce. If you fall into either of these categories, then a nice, spacious griddle with a generous amount of surface area may be calling your name. 

Having a large griddle space allows you to put much more food on the griddle, along with room to flip and move around ingredients when cooking. Blackstone 36” outdoor griddles can fit up to 28 breakfast burger patties at once, making them the ideal cooking station for large parties and events. This means you can serve 28 guests piping hot breakfast foods, all at the same time. You can get your Blackstone 36” outdoor griddle with a hood or without for your next backyard barbecue or campsite cookout. 

  1. Portable Griddle

Do you like to be out on the open road? Portable tabletop griddles allow you to enjoy nice, home-cooked meals while on the move in your RV or camper. Take portable griddles to the campsite, sporting events, or any outdoor adventure, and chow down on some good cooking. You can even get a portable griddle with a side burner to boil water for poached eggs, coffee, boiled potatoes, and more. These outdoor kitchen appliances are perfect for the overlanding, camping, road tripping adventurers who like to eat well on their travels! If you’re going to be active, you need to put some fuel in the tank. Cook up a breakfast of champions with a tabletop griddle fit for frying eggs, bacon, pancakes, and whatever your heart desires! 

  1. Pancake/Egg Rings

Don’t let your ingredients run wild- prevent leakage with these non-stick, durable steel rings for holding eggs and pancakes in place. The outcome is perfectly shaped breakfast classics for years to come. Plus, you’ll get bonus points for presentation, since the flawlessly round treats will resemble the most beautiful shape to the human eye. Pancake and egg rings don’t just produce an ideal breakfast aesthetic, but provide more control over your ingredients. The result is greater cleanliness as you cook, followed by an easier clean-up afterward! Add the Blackstone breakfast set to your campfire cooking kit for elite breakfast presentation. These pristine pancakes and extravagant eggs even taste like precision.

  1. Crepe Kits

Enjoy crafting these breakfast delicacies with professional crepe kits for griddles. Take your breakfast in a sweet or savory direction with a variety of crepe recipes. Go with a classic strawberries and cream crepe for a sweet morning delight, or make a prosciutto and goat cheese crepe for an unexpected umami treat. You can get a top-of-the-line griddle crepe-making kit with a natural wood crepe spreader, stainless steel crepe spatula, oil dispenser, and confectioners’ sugar dredge, all together! These accessories would be a spectacular addition to any collection of outdoor kitchen appliances.

  1. Griddle Press

With one of these useful griddle gadgets, you can press smash burgers, paninis, and bacon slices to perfection. Griddle presses will flatten your bacon as it cooks, giving it that picture-perfect look. A griddle press will also help your bacon cook faster, for an ultra-crispy texture and savory flavor. Bacon and beef patties that lay flat are perfect for burgers, breakfast sandwiches, and paninis jam-packed with ingredients and flavor. The flatter everything lays, the more you can stack into your mouthwatering creation. A press for your griddle will come in handy for many of those Blackstone griddle breakfast recipes you’ve been wanting to try. 

  1. Racks

True griddle masters know that when cooking a classic breakfast for you and your tribe, you should have a solid system in place. Racks are one of the best ways to elevate your cooking (literally.) They provide an elevated surface to place already cooked items on, keeping them warm without cooking them any further. Racks are a strategic tool for when your bacon has been cooked to perfection and needs a spot to stay warm, while the eggs and toast finish up. Here’s a quick pro tip: always cook your eggs last! If you cook them first, they’ll get cold. If you try to keep them warm in the corner or on the rack, they’ll keep cooking, since they’re so sensitive to heat. In the meantime, let your bacon, toast, pancakes, and other breakfast delights bask in the gentle warmth wafting through the rack. Griddle racks ensure that your breakfast checks the two essential boxes: “hot” and “a lot.”

  1. Grill covers

Grill covers are a tool that will level up your breakfast if you don’t own one already. These lightweight accessories allow for easy removal and covering of the griddle top when it’s not in use. These essential items protect your grill from pollen pile-ups, rust-inducing moisture, or uninvited bugs having a party in the griddle crevices. Grill covers help preserve your griddle for long-lasting use while keeping the cooking surface spic-and-span! We know it’s tempting to admire your beautiful griddle from afar, as its stainless steel shimmers under the sun. Keep your griddle covered, and it will pay off years later when your griddle still fires up nice and smooth. Griddle covers for the win!

  1. Instant Read Cooking Thermometers

Having an instant-read cooking thermometer is a must-have for more advanced cooking. If you want to cook meat professionally and artfully, you’ll want to get an accurate reading of its internal temperature. This will give you a precise gauge of when to flip, sear, and take steak or sausage off the griddle. Knowing the temperature is key to achieving the perfect golden finish on pancakes or sunny-side-up eggs. Having the means to keep track of the temperature will help you cook with more control since the temperatures of griddles are prone to fluctuation. Griddle top temperatures are impacted by external conditions, including weather and the foods placed on the griddle. The temperature and volume of foods added to the griddle play a role in altering the temperature. For example, a bag of frozen hashbrowns is going to bring the temperature down more than a few dollops of room-temperature pancake batter. Cooking thermometers are a surefire way to enhance any Camp Chef or Blackstone griddle breakfast recipes you’ve been dying to try out!

  1. Squeeze Bottles

Have all of your cooking oils, vinegar, and juices on hand and ready to go when you turn up the heat. Easily store and squeeze your coconut oil, lemon juice, water, and flavorings in these useful dispensers. They’re especially useful when shallow frying because you can control where the oil travels with more precision. Get oil or sauce into the nooks and crannies of your mini sausages or breakfast hash with the small and nimble dispensers of squeeze bottles

  1. Rounded spatulas

These bad boys are a tool beloved by griddle enthusiasts everywhere. They can be used to flip just about every breakfast item under the morning sun, including eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast, vegetables, and beyond. Move your ingredients around and chop softer items too. What’s great about rounded edges is that even if you use them to dice scrambled eggs or break apart meat, the edges won’t cut into the seasoned grill or scratch it up. Plus, get this: if you don’t own a bacon press already, your rounded spatula can double as a press for anything on the griddle. Then, when you’re all done sizzling up the goods, use your trusty spatula to scrape off any debris and excess grease from the griddle top. The usefulness and versatility of these griddle utensils make them an ideal addition to any campfire cooking kit. 

  1. Pancake Dispensers

Get perfect pancakes every time with pancake dispensers! This tool is for those who take breakfast seriously and mean business. It holds up to four cups of batter and features a measurement display for accurate dispensing. Pancake dispensers give you more control over the size and shape of your pancakes, as well as how much batter you use. Get creative and use them for anything from cupcakes to muffins! Boost your breakfast creations with the Blackstone Breakfast Kit, complete with a pancake dispenser, egg/pancake rings, and a bacon press! We hope that these griddle tips and tools have stirred up some excitement for your next big breakfast feast. If you love accessories and gadgets for the griddle, then browsing through this selection of cooking accessories will turn you into a kid in a candy store! Enjoy your vittles from the griddle and keep on cookin’!

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