5 Must-Have Accessories for Your Next Hike


You’ve decided to take to the great outdoors to enjoy nature, awaken your senses, and get some much-needed exercise. And since you’re making great life choices, you want to maximize the experience with the proper tools. While this list is not meant to be all-inclusive, we recommend the following accessories for your next hike. 

1. Two-Way Communication Device

While many hikers choose to bring cell phones on their excursions, it is still beneficial to use a handheld radio if you will be hiking for several hours or more. Since cell phones may be used as a camera, GPS, communication device, flashlight, or a way to keep friends updated about your adventures via social media, your device may be drained of its battery more quickly than anticipated. Many hiking trails are also located in rural areas where cell coverage is limited or non-existent. While a radio may seem redundant, in emergency situations, it may your only reliable method of communication.

2. Serrated Knife or Hand Saw

Whether you encounter a rabid coyote, a snag in your clothing or you simply need to cut your ham and swiss sandwich in half, a blade of some kind is a necessary accessory for your next hike. Consider bringing a knife with a serrated blade or hand saw like the Wicked Saw while on the trail. If you find yourself stranded, you will need easy access to kindling and firewood for warmth, and it may also provide the necessary protection against wild animals. They’re also handy for first aid, food preparation, or gear repair. If you have more complex needs or are responsible for leading an inexperienced group, the more tools and options readily available on hand, the better.

3. Trail Axe

In addition to a knife or saw, a Trail Axe or hatchet may come in handy. While you may use it to chop wood or clear a campsite, it’s also a blunt force object. It may double as a hammer when driving tent stakes or whatever else may require more force than can be delivered with your hands. When choosing your ax, be mindful of the length of the handle. A shorter handle will cut branches and kindling and fit easily in your backpack, but it may be challenging to chop larger firewood. A longer handle will be effective against small trees but will take up more space and likely be heavier. Determine what purpose you want your ax to serve, and choose the appropriate size. 

4. Flashlight

A flashlight is one of the best accessories for your next hike. Getting lost in the woods is less than ideal. However, getting lost in the woods in the dark without a flashlight is much worse. They are vital for navigating a trail in the dark. Additionally, they may also be used to signal SOS. Consider investing in a solar power flashlight since access to extra batteries may be limited. 

5. Firestarter

Unless you have time to start a fire by rubbing sticks together, you need a way to start and maintain a fire effectively. Disposable lighters, waterproof matches, and Quick Lights Firestarters are suitable options. You may also want to bring a sealable plastic bag of additional tinder if the conditions are wet. Tinder could include paper, lint from your dryer, small candles, or wood clusters soaked in resin. 

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