8 Different Bikes – Which bike is right for you?

The wide variety of bikes on the market is convenient and stressful for its buyers. Trying to wade through the mountains of bike types is stressful to find the right one. Fortunately, there are ways to narrow them down so you can know where to start. Here are the different types of bikes and their purposes!

Road Bike

Road bikes contain skinny tires and low handlebars. They are used in triathlons and long-distance races due to their aerodynamic nature. If you want something to work out with or want a bike that is a bit more intense than the road, bikes are the way to go!

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are designed for vertical descent. Their braking system is unmatched, and their durability allows them to withstand rocky terrain. The bike’s tires are wide and knobby, letting you safely traverse loose dirt and rocks.  

Fixed Gear Bike

Fixed-gear bikes are for cyclists that are purely in it for fitness. If you want to burn calories or are training for a race, then a fixed-gear bike is right for you. A fixed-gear bike does not allow coasting or freewheeling. You are going to need to make constant use of your leg strength to keep the bike in motion. 


If you want to perform tricks and jumps on your bike, then BMX is designed for you! The 20-inch wheels and small frames mean the bike is low maintenance. That said, it should be noted that a BMX bicycle is durable and strong despite its alternative build.

Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes are made to maximize the rider’s comfort. You are not going to be racing anyone with this bike; however, you are going to enjoy some strolls. The seat, handle placement, and tires make the ride as smooth as possible. If you want a short-distance vehicle or a way to kill some time, then cruiser bikes are made for you.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes could be considered the jack-of-all-trades in the cycling world. There are so many designs for this type of bike that you will be hard-pressed to find two models that are the same. If you are unsure what type of riding you will be doing or what to look for, you cannot go wrong with a hybrid.

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes include a motor that can be charged by plugging it in. they require no pedaling to get going when charged; however, if your motor dies, then you can pedal home. Electric bikes are a great option if you need reliable transportation and a bicycle to work out with.

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