Basic Fishing Rigs Everyone Should Know

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Fishing is a great hobby and an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors. However, it can be difficult for first-timers, making it important to prepare and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to make the most out of your trip. Learning a few basic fishing rigs, everyone should know, will help ensure that your bait isn’t flying off every time you cast. Here are some simple fishing rigs that will serve you well the next time you go fishing!

Bobber and Worm

One of the simplest and most reliable and basic fishing rigs is the straightforward bobber and worm combo. This setup requires very little skill and is perfect for new anglers.

To set up this rig, you’ll need:

  • A #4-#6 hook
  • Nightcrawlers
  • A bobber
  • Split shot weights

To set up this rig, tie your #4 or #6 hook to the end of your line, and then attach the bobber about 2 ft higher. Depending on the size of your bobber and how far you need to cast, you may want to add a split shot weight just below your bobber to help keep it upright and add some weight during your cast.

Smaller bobbers are more sensitive, making it easier to feel a fish bite, but don’t go so small that it can’t hold the weight of your bait.

Finally, don’t use the entire worm. Doing so gives the fish too much opportunity to eat your bait without putting the hook in its mouth. Instead, try using a smaller section of the worm, about an inch or two.

Once you’re set-up, simply cast into the water and wait. Once your bobber starts bouncing up and down, set the hook and reel that sucker in!


Texas Rig

Texas rigs are another favorite and work best in a smooth bottom body of water, such as a red clay pond or sandy lake. While a bobber keeps your bait handing in the water, a Texas rig slowly drags it along the bottom of the pond, enticing bottom-feeders such as catfish.

To use a Texas rig, you’ll need:

  • A ¼ oz bullet weight
  • A size #3 offset worm hook
  • A soft plastic bait, such as a finesse worm or lizard

Setting up this rig is simple. Slide the bullet weight onto your line, then tie on your offset worm hook. Secure your plastic worm or lizard, and you’re ready to go.

This type of setup takes a little more attention than a bobber but is relatively easy once you get the hang of it. Simply cast, wait a few seconds for your bait to sink, then slowly reel in. Give your bait a light tug or two every couple of reels. This helps it appear more life-like in the water. Once you feel a fish strike your hook, set it and begin reeling it in.


Carolina Rig

The Carolina rig is similar to the Texas rig and extremely versatile. To set up this rig, you’ll need:

  • A ¼ oz bullet weight
  • A size #3 offset worm hook
  • A soft plastic bait, such as a finesse worm or lizard
  • A plastic bead
  • A swivel
  • Leader line

Once you’ve gathered your materials, you’ll need to prepare your rod. Start by cutting off a 12”-24” section of your line. Then, tie your swivel to one end and your offset hook to the other. You may go ahead and put your bait on the hook if you like (green pumpkin lizards are an excellent option, especially when targeting bass)

Next, slide your bullet weight onto the line still attached to your rod, followed by the plastic bead. Finally, tie your rod line to the open end of the swivel the same you would to your hook.

Similar to the Texas rig, this setup causes the bullet weight to sink and your bait to float about 12”-24” inches above/behind it. This makes it look as though your bait is swimming through the water, catching the attention of fish on the hunt.

As the bass season approaches, this rig becomes more effective with lizards, as fish are spawning and see them as a threat to their eggs. Because of this, they are likely to attack, even if they are not actively feeding.

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