Beating the Weather – Throwing a BBQ in the Rain

You’ve planned the perfect event – a BBQ with your friends and family! The meats and sides have been selected, and you’ve completed the finishing touches on your outdoor seating area. But as the weekend approaches, you realize you might be BBQ-ing in the rain. Instead of postponing, consider the following steps to make your cookout a success…even in the rain. 

Precook Your Meat

If you’re going for that fall-off-the-bone experience, slowly cook your meat beforehand. Cooking beforehand is especially helpful when BBQ-ing in the rain because it will limit the amount of time outside at the grill. Since your guests are likely most excited about sampling the delicious meats you’ve prepared, you can avoid rushing the process by preparing ahead of time.

Set Up a Canopy

Depending on your space and how many guests you will have, setting up an instant shelter canopy or patio umbrella may provide the protection you need if you’re going to BBQ in the rain. If you’re worried about a gust of wind carrying your tent onto the neighbor’s roof, consider weighing it down or staking it to the ground. If you’re grilling under a temporary structure of any kind, it is vital to create plenty of clearance between the top of the structure and your grill. Heat and smoke from your grill can cause significant damage, and you risk smoke inhalation without proper ventilation. Be 

Keep Your Schedule Flexible

It is unlikely the rain will last all day, but if it does, it probably won’t be a non-stop downpour. Consider communicating with your guests about postponing a few hours. Or if you planned your BBQ for the evening and you know it’s supposed to rain at that time, request that they arrive in the afternoon instead. You may even serve sides or snacks for the first hour or two of your event and wait to begin cooking the meat until after the rain has subsided. 


Install a Deck Covering

While installing a deck covering is likely not a feasible last-minute solution, it is a more permanent solution to providing shelter from the rain. Once again, however, it is essential to provide ample clearance to prevent smoke and fire damage. 

Consider Hosting Indoors

If you’ve found yourself in a pickle with no way to host outside comfortably, it may be best to move the party indoors. While it’s certainly not the ideal solution, it may be better than canceling altogether. While you may be tempted to move your grill into your house or garage, this could be fatal and should be avoided. The only grills that are safe to use inside are grills rated for indoor use. Not heeding the warnings on your outdoor grill can result in carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks leading to explosions, and house fires. Instead, use an indoor grill or cook on the stove. 

Prepare Both Indoor and Outdoor Games

If it begins to rain on your BBQ and you choose to relocate the party, you’ll want to have a few backup games that you can play inside. Depending on your space inside, games like cornhole may still be an option. But if not, games like Fun size Tumble or Domino can be played both inside and outside. It might even be time to find a seat around the table and dust off some old board games. 

Experience Outdoor Living!

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