Beginner’s Guide to Fishing from a Kayak

woman paddling a kayak

Because of a kayak’s versatility, it can be used anywhere that a large enough body of water exists. From saltwater coastlines to lakes and streams, a kayak offers more access to water than typically found with a power boat. This is why many anglers have begun to fish from a kayak. If you’re new to kayak fishing, keep reading for our top tips. 

Select Your Fishing Location

There are few things more disappointing than going on a fishing trip and not catching any fish. So the first step if you’re going to fish from a kayak is to choose what kind of fish you want to catch and where you will catch them. Select the correct type of bait based on whether the fish you want is a surface-feeder or a bottom-dweller. Look at interactive fishing maps that indicate where to go and what kind of fish you’ll find there.

Transport Your Kayak

While it is essential to have the proper kayak carrier for transporting your kayak on the roof of your vehicle, this first point addresses transporting your kayak from the top of your car into the water. Several options will allow you to get your kayak into the water, some being easier than others. 

The first option is to carry your kayak to the water physically. While not impossible, it certainly isn’t the easiest, even for those in great physical shape. If you brought a fishing buddy, you could both carry the kayak to the water. However, many opt for a kayak cart or wheel system, especially when fishing solo. These carts make it easy for a single person to roll the kayak to the water.

Customize Your Kayak

Now that you’re on the water, you’re ready to fish from a kayak! It may be easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of catching your first fish but take some time beforehand to prepare your kayak. Keep your tackle, fish grips, net, or whatever else you need within immediate reach. If all of your gear is behind you when you catch a big fish, you may find it difficult to wrestle the fish while reaching for your net. 

If you aren’t releasing the fish, bring a big enough cooler to preserve them. The Camco Currituck Cooler allows you to attach a fishing rod holder for an added element of convenience. You may also consider adding a fish finder with GPS to your kayak. A fish finder with a GPS will allow you to mark great fishing spots so you can return there in the future. 

Invest in a Comfortable Life Jacket

Safety always comes first, whether fishing from a kayak or paddling a canoe. Since you will be wearing your life vest the entire time you’re on the water, be sure to choose a comfortable one. It may seem that a life jacket with multiple pockets and accessories would be the most useful option. However, if that style of vest is uncomfortable, restrictive, or limits mobility, it may be better to go with a lower profile PFD. 

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