Beginner’s Guide to Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a great way to spend your time during the winter months. Despite that, if you do not know where to start, then it can have a high level of entry. It is important to learn what you can before going out on the frozen water so you can have the best time possible. Here is a beginner’s guide to ice fishing!

What do I need for beginner ice fishing?

In order to go ice fishing, you will need an ice fishing rod. Contrary to what you may have thought, it takes some different kinds of equipment to see success on frozen water. An ice fishing rod is on the shorter end being around 24-36 inches long. This site gives you better leverage when pulling a fish out of the water since it has a very small place to exit. 

On top of a fishing rod, you will need to make sure that you have the correct line before ice fishing. There are lines that are made specially to withstand the freezing temperatures in the water. The line is usually braided and treated with anti-freezing compounds.

Finally, the most important thing to bring when you go ice fishing is an ice auger. This tool is used to create the hole that you will be fishing in. An ice auger can be purchased either manually or motorized, so find what will work best for you. 

What’s the best lure for ice fishing?

When out on the freezing water, you will need to stick to specific kinds of lures to see good results. Jigs, spoons, and soft plastics are the most popular choice for ice fishermen around the world, and for a good reason! The lures are not expensive, and they will work in almost every condition you can think of. 

What is the best bait for ice fishing?

Much like with lures, different kinds of bait work better with ice fishing than with normal fishing. Wax worms, maggots, spikes, wigglers, and minnows are generally the go-to for this kind of fishing. Once you drop your bait in, you can leave it alone or slowly jig to attract the fish. 

What is the best depth to ice fish?

Fish tend to stay 8 – 20 feet below the surface. This is subject to change depending on what kind of fish you are looking for; however, if you are fishing to fish, then staying in this range is your best bet. This will require you to venture pretty far out onto the lake so make sure that the ice is thick enough before walking on it. If the ice is any less than 4 inches, then you should re-evaluate whether or not you should go on it. 

What time of day is best for ice fishing?

Fish tend to head to their feeding grounds right after sunrise and right before sunset. You should plan your fishing trip as an early-morning outing or a late-night excursion. The fish will stay active for around 2 hours after sunrise. On the other hand, the fish will bite 2 hours before sunset and 2 hours after. This means that if you want to spend a long time outside, then you should go in the evening for the best results.

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