Hunting blind tower set up in the forest.

Gear Guide: Omni’s Top-Selling Hunting Blinds

Hunting blind tower set up in the forest.

The hunting blind you use can tremendously impact both your performance and your experience during your hunting trip. Designed to conceal you from the animals you want to hunt, hunting blinds offer both shelter and camouflage. Hunters will experience varying levels of storage capacity, stealth, durability, and protection depending on the blinds they use. With a seemingly endless number of hunting blinds for sale in cyberspace, the options can be overwhelming. Let’s review some of the best-selling blinds, from the Banks Outdoors Stump 4 to Millennium Deer Stands.

Millennium Treestands Q200 Buck Hut

The Millennium Treestands Buck Hut Shooting House Box Blind with a Tower stands out from the rest with its unique SilentHut design for unmatched stealth. It is also surprisingly strong for a hunting blind of its material. Let’s explore the Q200 Buck Hut in greater detail:

Strong Yet Simple

The Millennium Q200 Buck Hut base is constructed from heavy-duty powder-coated steel, complete with Millennium’s signature SteelTough construction. SteelTough is a trait of Millennium Deer Stands that features both long-lasting durability and easy operation. The strong welded steel construction of the ladder stands makes them fit to endure the elements for years to come. The sturdy steel ladder features non-slip steps and steel handles for a secure hold when climbing up to enter the hut. Due to their fold-flat design and double rail ladder system, they’re easy to assemble and transport. Users can enjoy this pre-built blind with none of the hassle of DIY construction. The Millennium Q200 Buck Hut can be set up in under three hours- this is great for hunters who just like to “get up and go”.

With a 7.3×4-foot interior and 7-foot-tall ceiling, the Q200 provides ample room to stand up and move around in a variety of shooting positions. It can also house multiple hunters at once, with its ability to hold up to 500 pounds. The exterior shell is made from a heavy-duty water-resistant canvas fabric. One drawback of canvas blinds is that fabric is not quite as durable or as permanent as a solid wood material or hard composite plastic. However, what the Q200 lacks in permanence, it makes up for in portability and ease. To deconstruct the Millennium Buck Hut, just zip on the canvas exterior, take off the floor, sides, and roof, and store them in a convenient place. It is also very easy to replace parts of this blind, such as a new top or skirt element. Plus, it will still hold up in rain and light snowfall.

Stealthy & Ergonomic

The Millennium Treestands Buck Hut Shooting House Box Blind with a Tower offers Millennium’s SilentHut design for top-notch levels of quiet and stealth. Tested under extreme conditions, the Q200 has proven itself to be the strong, silent type. The padded flooring helps mute sound, and magnetic frame windows hush the noise of windows opening and closing. It doesn’t just cover noise well; it contains scent very efficiently too, even in windy areas. If you’ve spent time around deer before, you know just how keen those critters are to picking up scents.

This Millennium Deer Stand includes a fully blacked-out interior to provide ultimate concealment. This is one of the few deer hunting stands with this clever design. From the outside looking in, it will be difficult for deer to pick up any movement or presence inside the buck hut. Inside you’ll also find a panoramic view, courtesy of the many surrounding windows. Stay concealed to anything looking in, while being able to see everything looking out. The windows have adjustable shooting rests, so the blind is versatile enough to use with rifles, crossbows, and vertical bows.


In terms of pricing, it’s hard to beat this Millennium Treestands Buck Hut. Most hunting blind towers are made of a fully hard-shell material, and will therefore cost a couple grand. Priced at $900, the Q200 costs a portion of what its hard-shell competition does. Plus, it comes with the raised legs, shell, and blind all built together, amounting to 15 feet of unmatched stealth!

Rhino Tree Stand 10′ Guard Tower

The Rhino 2-Person Quad Pod is a field sports force to be reckoned with. It’s spacious, it’s portable, and it’s highly affordable.

A Strong & Generous Build

With roughly 58 square feet of space, the Rhino Treestand Quad Pod is ideal for sheltering two people. This will leave ample space for body movement and a variety of gun positions. Enjoy versatile shooting angles and positions with the four zippable windows and 10-foot shooting rail. Comfort mesh swivel seats with four different mounting locations offer a relaxed and ergonomic hunting experience. This fully enclosed Rhino Tree Stand 10′ Guard Tower boasts a non-skid, steel mesh platform to provide reliable support for the shelter.

Altogether, the stand weighs 225, but it can hold up to 500 pounds- more than twice its own weight. This blind is simple and straightforward- there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles for extra customization. If you have very specific needs and like to personalize your blind, this one might not be it for you. However, if you just want a simple and reliable blind that does what it needs to do, you can count on the Rhino 2-Man Quad Pod Hunting Blind.


The Rhino Tree Stand 10′ Guard Tower is a highly effective hunting blind for those seeking portability. It can be assembled and transported anywhere for setup. Simply load it onto your four-wheeler or pickup truck and travel to your hunting site, whether it’s a farm, field, or forest. The levels of portability afforded by the Rhino Guard Tower Blind can open hunters up to new hunting locations and experiences- the possibilities are endless.  


The Rhino Tree Stand 10′ Guard Tower costs just $575- a fair price compared to hunting towers that go for over a grand. Stay warm, dry, and concealed without spending an arm and a leg!

Muddy Bull Box Blind 10 ft. Tower

A hunter walking towards a Muddy Bull Box Blind 10 ft. tower in the snow.

When on the hunt for hunting blinds, it can be difficult to find a true jack of all hunting blinds. The Muddy Bull Box Blind is an all-around effective option for a blind that offers portability and protection. Muddy blinds offer superior, well-thought-out construction with just about every bell and whistle you could want in a blind.

Weather-proof Construction

Most blinds will give way and cave in after heavy rain or snowfall. Unlike those feeble blinds, the Muddy Bull Box Blind stands strong with its durable molding and overall construction. Not only can Muddy blinds withstand heavy precipitation, but high winds too. Due to the build of the base and how the blind connects to it, the connection is rock solid. Users can anchor down all four legs as well as the base, allowing for maximum stability. This is especially advantageous for hunters, as deer often wind up in the middle of fields and other windy spots. This Muddy blind is so fortified, it could likely withstand 70 mph winds. In calmness or wind, this blind is a win-win.

Superior Operation

When first walking into the Muddy Bull Box Blind, the degree of spaciousness is striking. Upon entering, you’ll notice the sizeable entry door. This makes coming and going to and from the blind easy, even while carrying bulky gear. You can place this gear and other belongings on the interior shelf for easy storage. Throw on your ammunition, arrows, binoculars, water, and more.

The next facet you’ll likely notice within this Muddy blind is the elite window configuration. The low windows offer the perfect height for shooting from a hunting seat or stool, and the corner windows provide a place for the perfect bow shot. The windows are glass, so they won’t get scratched or scuffed up by all the gear and outdoor exposure. Their hinges are high-quality and whisper-silent for optimal concealment from game. Being able to operate a window with a high degree of stealth is essential. Not only can one wrong move make you visible or audible to deer, but if your scent slips out, this too can tip off deer. Muddy blinds provide a solution through one-hand operation. Open and close these windows seamlessly for smooth and silent hunting.


Deer often gravitate toward the middle of a field, where there may not be trees to conceal you. Since the Muddy Bull Box Blind is easy to transport and set up, you can position it wherever the deer are. Set yourself up with a wind advantage, find the perfect spot, and take yourself to the game.

Banks Outdoors Stump 4 Limited Edition 360 Hunting Blind

The Banks Outdoors Stump 4 Hunting Blind is a versatile and multifaceted blind for gun hunters and archers alike. Here’s what it does best:

Superior Spaciousness

The Banks Outdoors Stump 4 blind is circular, with a diameter of 77 inches for spaciousness. This ample space allows hunters to move around freely, change gun positions, store bows on the bow hangar, use a captain’s chair, and more. This blind is meant to be permanent, however, so it may not be suited for those who like to hunt nomadically.

Ergonomic, Comfortable, and Protected

Complete with storage space, vents, and a foam floor mat, this blind is comfortable and effective. The storage shelf comes with a light, which serves as an absolute game-changer when the blind is all closed up and dark. Easily grab your rangefinders, binoculars, or whatever you need, and be on your way! The foam floor provides sound dampening for quiet hunting, as well as heat insulation to keep you warm throughout your session. It features eight silent swinging windows for easy and stealthy operation while you’re busy hunting. The crossbow window provides a wider, more inclusive view out of the main window.

The generously sized window of the Banks Outdoors Stump 4 provides roughly double the view that other hunting blind windows do. It also gives hunters a place to position shotguns out the front, plus added room for a variety of different shooting positions. The entry door features a convenient grab handle and a 3-point latching system. This holds the door securely in place and renders the whole blind watertight, keeping you dry and your gear protected.

Extremely Customizable:

A big part of the Banks Outdoors Stump 4’s appeal is the wealth of options it offers. Due to the customizable construction, you can opt to put a bow hanger on the right side or left side. This is especially great for left-handed hunters, ambidextrous hunters, or those with special preferences. In addition, the wall insulation, storage shelf, curtain kit, and bow hanger are all options. The Stump 4 can be built to your needs depending on how you hunt, whether that’s with a gun, bow, crossbow, or a mix.

Users can also choose the color of the curtain kit. The curtains are double-sided, with camouflage on one side and black on the other. They can be changed anytime via the simple clip-on magnets. The window itself can lift and stay propped up with a stay-put hinge. They do not employ a latch, which is great for hunters who enjoy a lot of freedom to move shooting gear without any obstructions. You can even cut an opening for the gun tip, allowing you to shoot out while remaining fully blacked out and concealed.

Additionally, you can add a stealth screen that adheres to the window and allows you to see from inside the blind, but appears as camouflage from the outside. This is a permanent application, however, so it may not be suited for those who like to change aspects of their hunting blind. Regardless, with all the bells and whistles included, the Banks Blinds Stump 4 can be modified to perfection!

Muddy Gunner Box Blind

Muddy Gunner Box Blind set up in a field.

The Muddy Gunner Box Blind is a blind built for those who want to enjoy the heck out of their hunting sessions. Engineered with comfort and utility in mind, this Muddy Blind.

Ultimate Comfort

Like the Banks Outdoors Stump 4, the Muddy Gunner Box Blind offers supreme comfort with its unmatched insulation, courtesy of the solid floors, carpeted interior, residential quality glass, and all steel hardware. For added comfort and convenience is a gear shelf, including a drink holder and a secure cubby box. This level of comfort in a blind is ideal for those who like to spend a lot of time in their blinds. If you’re the type of hunter who spends all day out in the field in search of the perfect prize, then this Muddy blind is a sound choice. If you don’t like to miss a day of the season, this blind is for you. If you want to be able to do your thing, rain, shine, or snow, then the Muddy Gunner Box is the way to go!

Three-Dimensional Concealment

The Muddy Gunner Box Blind doesn’t just keep you cozy- it does much more to help turn you into a deer-hunting machine. Its special, cleverly designed Therma-tek panels and heavy-duty rotational molded plastic offer three-dimensional concealment: scent, noise, and thermal. This multi-faceted stealth will render you virtually undetectable to game, allowing you to hunt anywhere, anytime.

Ergonomic and Secure

The Gunner Box Blind comes equipped with EZ single-hand operated windows for ease of use, which will help you stay quiet during your sessions. The full-size door is 70” x 30” for effortless entry with all of your gear. It features a lockable entry way with an included key for added security. The entire Gunner blind weighs 250 pounds, but it can hold up to 500 pounds, making it a lightweight yet brawny contender in the world of hunting blinds. If a hunting blind designed with comfort in mind is what you’re after, find a muddy gunner blind for sale to elevate your hunting!

Eye on the Prize

From the Banks Outdoors Stump 4 to the Millennium Treestands Buck Hut, there’s much to be excited about in the world of hunting blinds. To discover more information on the best deer hunting blinds, get the inside scoop at Omni’s blog. Stay in the know about the latest innovations and improvements in gear and figure out what you need to advance your hunting abilities. Set yourself upright and keep your eye on the prize!

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