Holiday Gift Giving Guide

It’s that time of year again- a season of bustling busyness. In the midst of all the festivities, we have to find time for gifts. Believe it or not, the average American spends at least 15 hours shopping for Christmas gifts. Not only are efforts to find spectacular gifts very time-consuming, but they can be a lot of pressure as well. Sure, the game of Secret Santa might conceal a haphazard, lackluster gift selection for a short while. But alas, elves have their ways, and a true Secret Santa gift exchange never stays secret for long! The best course of action for Operation Secret Santa is to avoid bringing a lame gift to the party altogether. Instead, stay in the know on the most enchanting toys, for both the young and the fully grown! Don’t fear, for these gift ideas will help you bring good spirits and cheer.

Holiday Gifts for Kids

For those of us who haven’t been a kid in a while, getting tasked with the quest of finding gifts for younger recipients can be daunting. Young children tend not to adhere to the formalities of gift-giving. To be brutally honest, they’re brutally honest. Nobody wants to watch a youngster excitedly unwrap their gift, only to see their crescent moon smile fade into an unimpressed flatline upon reveal. Depending on your Christmas list, you might be wondering what to get a 12-year-old girl for Christmas, or maybe you’re frantically and frenetically typing into your Google search bar “Christmas Gift Ideas for a 7-year-old boy”. Fret not, gleeful giver, take your subarboreal gifts out from hiding and bring forth good tidings!

Backyard Playground

From enchanting castle playhouses to woodland climbers, outdoor play structures are a fine choice for the young adventurer in your life. Not only will this gift dazzle and delight the kids, but it will have their parents thanking you too. This is a gift that grants not only fun and exploration for youngsters, but also cognitive stimulation and motor skills development. Now that’s a thoughtful gift!

Play Water Tables and Sandboxes

For outdoor play that is a little more space-saving and budget-friendly, you can opt for outdoor water tables and sandboxes. The Simplay3 Carry and Go Ocean Drive Water Table is bound to make memories for years to come. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!


This gift is for givers who like to “go big or go home”. If you have multiple kids in the family to buy presents for, a trampoline would be a most jubilant joint gift- a highly effective “one and done” present for busy bees with limited time to spare. Trampolines encourage physical activity and provide entertainment all year round. Gift this, and the little ones will be jumping up and down with excitement.

Tennis Table

From friendly gamers to fierce competitors, table tennis brings something to the table for everyone. A great source of indoor fun and light activity for colder months and rainy days, the Stiga Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis Table is truly a game changer.

Poolside Basketball Set

Give the kids something to look forward to when the time for wintry sleigh rides and snowball fights comes to an end. The Dunn-Rite Poolside Basketball Set provides opportunities for players to swim, swish, dunk, and dive. Plus, this cool little set is portable and adjustable for game time anywhere you go.

What to Get Moms for Christmas?

This one can be puzzling. As the person who helped raise you and bring you into this world, you may feel ever so slightly obligated to demonstrate your gratitude. There aren’t many gifts that can equate to the gift of life, but we sure as heck better try!

Aqua Lily Floating Pad

Moms are some of the busiest people on the planet, and sometimes they need a break. Encourage your mother to relax and unwind this year with an Aqua Lily Water Pad. The whole family can join in some for aquatic fun, or she can take it to a nearby lazy river to float on her very own, very buoyant lily pad. Just unroll and unwind.

Fire Pit

Another means of fun and relaxation for mom would be a warming and comforting fire pit. The soft glow of ebbing embers would make for cozy romantic date nights with Dad. A lively blaze could ignite fun memories with the whole family gathered around the fire. The Pit Boss Smokeless Wood Pellet Fire Pit is low-effort and easy to use, which means less hassle and more time for enjoying time with loved ones. Your mother granted you the gift of life, why not give her the gift of light?

Backyard Bar

Nothing says ‘sit back and relax’ like a Hot Toddy or mulled wine by the fire pit this holiday season. The Suncast Outdoor Bar acts as a storage space and serving station for all kinds of Christmas cocktails and festive functions! This gift is great for a mother who loves being the hostess with the mostess, concocting the perfect cocktails, or simply sipping beneath the stars. 

What to Get My Dad for Christmas?

Dads can be tricky to buy for- but don’t let that stop you from giving back to your ol’ pops. There are plenty of gifts you can give to your dad that will afford him adventures, quality time, and good memories.


If your dad has a sense of adventure or the curiosity to try something new, a top-of-the-line kayak could be the answer to end your Christmas conundrum. The Old Town Vapor 10 Kayak is an excellent choice for experienced paddlers and beginners alike. The build of the Old Town Vapor 10 makes it efficient yet comfortable for peak enjoyment while exploring.

Portable Grill

What dad doesn’t love firing up the grill and enjoying a nice backyard barbeque? With the Weber Q1000 Portable Gas Grill, he can take it anywhere- trails, beach, boat, and beyond! With its superior stainless-steel and cast-iron design, surely your dad will be impressed by this pick.

Outdoor Chairs

Give your dad a comfortable spot to relax outside by the firepit this winter with Kuma Outdoor Gear Chairs! They’re foldable and portable, so he can take them to the campsite, sports games, or his favorite fishing spot. Kuma chairs are ultra-comfy and soft, made from 600D polyester. Plus, they even come in a heated variety for maximum warmth and coziness.

What to Get Your Husband for Christmas?

Oh, what to get your beloved beau, amidst the fir and mistle toe? When it comes to your special someone, we’re striving for presents that can help enhance experiences. Something shiny and new, but practical too. Read on to discover some helpful holiday clues:

Wi-Fi Controlled Pellet Grill

Is your husband a tech geek or a gearhead with a love for gizmos and gadgets? Or, maybe he just appreciates a quality grilling session. With the Louisiana Grills 1200 Black Label Series Wood Pellet Grill, he can enjoy a variety of grill settings at his fingertips- literally. Cook near and far with this remote-controlled, Wi-Fi enabled pellet grill!

Deck Cooler

Make entertaining and enjoying easy with a cooler for your deck. Instead having to run back inside after a dip in the pool, your husband can find his favorite drinks right on the patio or deck. The Suncast Deck Cooler can hold up to 72 cans of beer, so it’s safe to say this would be a hit with the husband.

Electric Bike

If your husband loves to explore and see new places, a new set of wheels might be the gift to seal the deal. With an electric bike, he can ride anywhere, no matter the slope or the terrain. QuietKat Electric Bikes are designed to allow for biking without boundaries, making them an excellent choice to satiate an adventurous spirit.

Grandparent Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you on a quest to find the grandest gift for your grandparents? Look no further; this list is chalk full of top-selling products people know and love. Gift one of these, and rest assured that you’re gifting only the best to your loved ones!

Pellet Grill

Pellet grills can offer a grilling experience like no other, with their precise temperature control for even cooking, effortless clean up, and deliciously smokey flavor profiles. The Pit Boss Navigator 1230 Wood Pellet/Propane Combo Grill is an all-around 8-in-1 cooking machine with the ability to barbecue, smoke, sear, char, bake, baste, braise, and roast! With the Pit Boss Navigator, you’ll surely get the most.

Fireplaces & Accessories

Nothing adds warmth and lights up a room like a proper hearth. These quality fireplaces & accessories truly make a home feel like a home during the chilly and dark winter months. Your grandparents will be so ecstatic to add a cozy electric fireplace to their living room, or the right accessories to make theirs complete!

Garden Beds

Give your grandparents a springtime gift they will look forward to unboxing all winter long. Lifetime Raised Garden Beds are a superior way to plant a garden. The heat-retaining boxes help plants thaw, allowing gardeners to plant earlier in the spring, thus extending the growing season. Plus, they offer more protection for plants, space efficiency, and opportunities for soil enhancement- there are a bounty of gifts bestowed by raised garden beds!

What to Get my Dog for Christmas?

What does your pup really want for the holidays? In truth, they’re probably not thinking that far ahead. Odds are, they’re thinking about what they think about in any given moment: Food. Treats. Walks. Playtime. Human. More food. More treats. However, there are gifts you can give to your pets that they didn’t even know they wanted.

Dog Flotation Devices

Life vests for dogs keep your furry friends safe while in the water. With these floatation devices, you can give your dogs the gift of adventure and quality time with their favorite humans- which is really what they want at the end of the day. How precious are they?

Pet Feeding Systems

Give your pet the gift of fine dining with WeatherTech Feeding Systems. These ergonomic, comfortable doggy dining tables minimize neck strain and allow pups to enjoy every morsel without hassle. They also make it easier for owners to clean up after meals too, so this gift is a gift to your pup, and to you!

Dog Car Seats

Take your pup anywhere you go with these comfy and cute dog car seats. Not only can your dog sit and look out the window while on the drive with a car seat, but they will be kept drastically safer. A snug and secure car seat will help keep your pet in place in the event of an accident. Keep your doggo safe while giving them a seat of their own!

Dog Bowls

Bring your dog a food bowl on camping trips, RV outings, and more with Kuma Outdoor Gear Collapsible Silicone Bowls. Space-saving and portable, these dog bowls are here to help you bring your pet on adventures, vacations, and special occasions!

Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10

Sometimes you’re tasked with getting multiple gifts, or holiday shopping while on a budget. These are easy yet exceptional stocking stuffers and under-the-tree fillers to bulk up your pile of presents. Here are some affordable and practical holiday gift ideas:

Insulated Martini Glasses

Camco Dinnerware

Cooking Seasonings

Camco Picnic Blanket

Mr. Heater Hand Warmers

Camco Window Thermometer

Airhead Watergun

Whether you’re wondering what to get your boss for Christmas or seeking a special gift for that special someone, this gift guide has the answer. We hope this list has inspired holiday gift ideas for employees, friends, family, or whoever you’re searching for. So don’t panic, don’t stress. Just enjoy the process of gift giving during this season of generosity and celebration!

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