How to Choose the Best Basketball Hoop

What Kind of Basketball Hoop Should I Buy?

In order to enjoy top-notch practice sessions, you’ll need quality, reliable equipment. Basketballs, workout clothes, and sneakers are easy aspects to fix. What matters most in terms of equipment is the type of basketball hoop. This is a much bigger decision, due to the cost and size of the product. There are so many brands and models to choose from, such as the Mammoth Basketball Hoop or the Lifetime 54 Mammoth Tempered Glass Portable Basketball Hoop. With so many brands and models out there, you have to consider the factors that are most important to you. Risk, durability, portability, and playability are the main categories of interest. These categories will vary a lot in portable vs. inground basketball hoops.

Portable vs. Inground Basketball Hoops:


The beauty of portable basketball hoops is that you can take them anywhere. If you’re moving to another home, you can transport a portable basketball hoop to your new yard. If you’re changing your practice space to another school, court, or space, then a portable basketball hoop can come with you. A Lifetime 54 Mammoth Tempered Glass Portable Basketball Hoop can also be a quick fix for slight changes in location, such as to the other side of the street to avoid glare from the sun. There are many scenarios in which being able to change the location of your basketball ball hoop is a great advantage. 

Inground basketball hoops pale in comparison to portable basketball hoops in this category, being that they’re anchored into the ground with solid concrete. Inground Mammoth Basketball Hoops are great for a number of reasons, but if you decide to change your practice location, you can’t expect to take them with you. 


The lack of a concrete anchor in portable basketball hoops is what makes them so convenient, but it is also one of their greatest drawbacks. A downside to portable basketball hoops is that they can tip over and fall in the presence of more aggressive players. Without a concrete anchor in the ground to weigh them down, portable basketball hoops run the risk of tipping over and falling. This is fine for most recreational use but could be bad news for players who want to practice in groups and play without restrictions. 

With in-ground basketball hoops, there is far less risk involved. The pole and hoop are firmly planted in the ground, and no amount of jumping, dunking or shooting is going to uproot it. You can even place a basketball pole pad over the metal pole for extra cushion and protection during fast and aggressive play. Basketball pole pads are a great addition to any inground basketball hoop for additional protection in the event that someone accidentally runs into the pole. When it comes to safety and risk, inground basketball hoops such as the Mammoth Basketball Hoop are the better option for hardcore players. 


Because of the varying risk levels in portable vs inground basketball hoops, the level of freedom during gameplay also differs. If you’re looking to play serious ball at the collegiate level or higher, an inground basketball hoop for practice, such as the Mammoth Basketball Hoop, would be more advantageous. Due to their proneness to falling, there are some limits and restrictions as to what you can do on a portable net. The absence of a concrete anchor in the ground makes for a lack of sturdiness, meaning that dunking and aggressive play are out of the question. 

It’s not just the lack of concrete that will get a portable hoop down. Portable basketball hoops don’t have real glass backboards, since they can’t hold the weight of one. Instead, they have a lighter polycarbonate or acrylic backboard, which leads them to yield less consistent rebound and playability. They won’t have the same feel or playability as a real regulation basketball hoop. According to NBA Official, there are specific dimensions for equipment that not all portable basketball hoops will follow. For this reason, portable basketball hoops are better for children, casual play, or recreational fun. For serious players who want to go all in and play without limitations, inground is the way to go! However, there are exceptions. 

The Lifetime 54 Mammoth Tempered Glass Portable Basketball Hoop is a rare portable made with durable tempered glass for those who desire portability and fortitude! Get the best of both worlds with the Lifetime 54 Mammoth Tempered Glass Portable Basketball Hoop.


When thinking about value, it’s important to factor in durability and lifespan. Most portable basketball hoops are going to be more affordable, around $500 or so. Inground Mammoth basketball hoops might range from $900-$2,000. However, you need to take into account that most portables only last two years because the materials aren’t as durable. Portable basketball hoops are good for infrequent, short-term use, but not so much for an avid player who wants to practice seriously every single day. Inground basketball hoops have tempered glass backboards and thick breakaway rims that make them extra durable and long-lasting. 

Which Basketball Hoop is for You? 

There are so many basketball hoops out there, and the sea of options can be overwhelming. There are portable basketball hoops for those just looking for a little backyard fun or casual gameplay, and then there are inground basketball hoops for serious players seeking competitive gameplay. There are even pool basketball hoops for summertime poolside fun! Luckily at Omni Outdoor Living, we have both inground and portable basketball hoops to provide the best option for you! Check out our Lifetime 54 Mammoth Tempered Glass Portable Basketball Hoops and our Mammoth Basketball Hoops for sale to start! We have only the highest-quality equipment to select from, making your decision a little less daunting. At Omni Outdoor Living, you can feel confident when making big purchases and big decisions.

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