How To Declutter Your Porch, Deck, or Patio in 5 Easy Steps

Having a beautiful outdoor space is something that many homeowners covet. A carefully designed patio or porch can easily become a peaceful backyard oasis fit for morning reads and coffee sips. Then at night, it can transform into a luscious outdoor space for a lively party near the barbecue, pool, and fire pit. In order to attain your dream outdoor space, you have to structure it in a way that is organized, functional, and beautiful. Declutter your porch, deck, or patio to create the foundation, then use sheds & outdoor storage to organize! Follow these five easy steps to make it happen:

Step 1: Begin with a Vision

What do you want your deck, patio, or porch to look like? How do you want it to function? This will inform the type of layout you choose. If your primary goal is to host barbecues, you’ll want to pay special attention to your outdoor kitchen or cooking station. There are so many simple outdoor kitchen ideas and additions you can make to enhance your patio for barbecues and cookouts. If you envision lots of parties and bonfires, then you’ll want to focus on the lounge areas, and maybe position seating around a firepit. Imagine something like this Cowboy Cauldron Fire Pit or a swanky fire pit table as the centerpiece of your space. The glowing embers and festive flames would certainly give your party guests something to marvel at! 

Step 2: Let Go of Clutter

To bring your vision to life, first create an open space for it to exist. Outdoor spaces can easily become accidental storage designations, also known as breeding grounds for clutter.  A broom on the porch, a couple of garden tools on the deck, a few lawn-mowing products on the patio- it all adds up. The more stuff you have, the more of an undertaking this will be. But fear not- the best way to declutter is to simply get rid of excess belongings. If you haven’t touched an item in over a year, consider doing away with it. Minimizing clutter isn’t just about creating a visually stunning home; it’s about preserving mental and physical health too. A space free of clutter equates to a space free of dust, mold, fire hazard, and worries. Ultimately, eliminating clutter will give you the space to organize and decorate freely, bringing you one step closer to your vision. 

Step 3: Organize and Contain Belongings

Once you’ve freed up some space, it’ll make it that much easier to move furniture around and create the foundation. Finding ways to store and contain less-sightly items is the key to beautifying your space. Here are some suggestions.

Patio Boxes

There are a variety of options to store your outdoor pillows, blankets, covers, pool floats, garden tools, and yard accessories. For patios, you can get a patio storage box to store items in a way that is functional and visually pleasing. These outdoor storage bins are made to withstand the elements and preserve your belongings, maintaining their quality and helping them to last longer. You can even get a storage bin that doubles as an outdoor coffee table! A place to store goods, write, read, eat, and relax? This thing is like the multi-tool of furniture pieces!  

Deck Boxes

For decks and porches, you can opt for deck boxes. These heavy-duty storage bins are the perfect option for patio furniture cushion storage. Keep pillows, cushions, seat covers, and blankets away from moisture and mold. Many of these waterproof outdoor storage boxes feature clever designs like arched lids to prevent rainwater from collecting. There are also heavy-duty storage bins that hold very bulky items. You can get a 150 gallon deck box to hold your hefty bags of fertilizer, bird seed, and soil for the whole season. (That’s a lot of bird seed!)

Outdoor Storage Bench

Did you know you can turn an outdoor storage bin into a seat? These dual-purpose outdoor storage benches allow you to save space and organize at the same time. Storage benches are great around the firepit for prime seating and access to tongs, tempered glass rocks, wood pellets, fire starters, and any other tools you might need. An outdoor storage bench would also be advantageous by the garden for easy storage and access to shovels, gloves, fertilizer, and other gardening tools. Then when you’re done for the day, you can enjoy a tranquil place to appreciate the beauty of nature and the fruits of your labor! 

Gathering scattered items and containing them in outdoor storage bins will instantly make your patio, deck, or porch look more pristine! Many patio storage boxes feature attractive woven designs and paneling that will add beauty to your outdoor space. Store where you sit to enjoy function and fashion, as you save space and money.

Step 4: Create the Space

There are many ways to utilize your space once it has been decluttered. Here are some of our favorite suggestions!

The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Make the most of your outdoor kitchen with these organizing tips and grilling station ideas. Incorporating outdoor kitchen storage into your outdoor grilling station to get in the flow while you cook. These metal shelves and drawers will complement your grill or smoker by adding a storage component for various grilling utensils, ingredients, squeeze bottles, and more. Stainless steel weathers the elements so that your grilling utensils and accessories don’t have to. Rather than leaving grilling tools exposed to rain, sun, and wind, store them away and prolong their lifespans. For extra storage, add magnetic strips and containers as a way to hang utensils. 

If you’re looking to host parties in your outdoor space, it won’t be complete without some ice-cold drinks. Outdoor beverage centers are the best way to keep drinks cold and in one place. These components organize your beverage ingredients, cups, and other accessories together, rather than having them loosely scattered about. Organized, neat, and ready to serve up some delightful drinks, this outdoor bar will make your patio the place to be! 

Light Up the Night with A Fire Pit 

Imagine a circle of comfortable Adirondack chairs surrounding the glorious glow of your firepit. You can optimize the space surrounding your fire pit for bonfires and outdoor parties too! Propane Firepit tables are a great option for space efficiency since the propane tank is safely stored and tastefully hidden away inside a cabinet. When it’s not in use, store your ash can inside the cabinet and cover the top with a lid to act as a counter or table. Introduce some firewood racks to this area and you have a firepit set up fit for the most divine of gatherings. 

Store Anything with Storage Sheds

For larger appliances and equipment that can’t be tucked away in a patio storage box, bring out the big guns. Storage sheds will keep your lawnmowers, seed spreaders, and heavy machinery concealed and protected. You can opt for a simple and small addition to your storage space, or something larger like the Suncast Extra Large Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed. These prebuilt storage sheds are convenient and easy to assemble. You can choose from many kinds, including steel, titanium, or resin that resembles wood paneling. Modern storage sheds are durable and weather-resistant, built to protect your valuables from the elements. They also serve as an excellent spot to conceal your garbage and recycling bins, so that you can keep the feng shui going strong. Plus, you can place it near the driveway for easier transport to the curb each week. Structure your outdoor areas to be functional and filled with ambiance!

Step 5: Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor!

We hope that these tips and tricks for decluttering your porch, deck, or patio have inspired some visions for your outdoor space. Whether you’re thinking of how to plan a vegetable garden, build a state-of-the-art outdoor grilling station, or design a patio for the greatest parties in town, decluttering and organizing is bound to add value to your home. Get ready to enjoy the newfound freedom and beauty of your clutter-free outdoor space! 

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