How To Have The Coolest Cooler on The Campsite

When camping or taking a road trip in the RV, you definitely need a cooler! You’ll want to be strategic about what you bring along for the ride, especially any items that can leak, spill, go bad, or cause any kind of a mess. Most foods fall into this category and require special packaging and equipment to ensure food safety. Getting food poisoning at home is rough, but  getting it miles away from a hospital or pharmacy is a real problem. Prepare the best ice chest for your camping trip and plan ahead to ensure food safety. This is where coolers, accessories, and other traveling tips come in!

Choosing the Right Cooler for You

Coolers come in all shapes and sizes- they might take the form of an ice chest for camping adventures or a backpack cooler for day trips. You might opt for a cooler with wheels for easy transport or an electric cooler for your car or RV. A cooler might be comprised of anything from Styrofoam to fiberglass materials. Something cheaper like fabric or Styrofoam won’t work as well for longer durations, but there is the upside of less weight to carry. Something more heavy-duty like a fiberglass or steel cooler will be a heftier load, but it will hold more food and keep it colder as a tradeoff. If you plan to go on long camping trips with lots of people, then throwing a heavy-duty cooler in the truck or RV is the move. If your goal is to go on long hikes or you plan to be very mobile during your trips, then a lightweight cooler is essential. Luckily, there are quality options for both! 

The Coolest Backpack Around

Some coolers are made especially for on-the-go adventures. Cooler backpacks and cooler bags are wise options for hikers and backpackers looking to trek to their destinations and enjoy a nice bite and a cool drink by the breathtaking view. Backpack coolers are great for day trips and mini hikes- take them to sporting events, to the beach, or on any adventure to keep your food cold and fresh. The best varieties of portable coolers and cooler backpacks will be lightweight, yet rugged enough to withstand all of your adventures. Look for features like a leak-resistant zipper, insulation, and padding for comfort. Enjoy hiking or biking hands-free with backpack coolers and cooler bags!

For those seeking longer adventures like road trips or extended camping trips, it’s still a good idea to have one of these around, in addition to your primary cooler. Having a cooler backpack will come in handy for those mini treks out of the campsite or RV! 

Pro Tip: Use Two Coolers

If you’re camping out or traveling for more than one or two nights, you’ll want to bring more than one cooler. Not only will this allow you to bring the proper amount of food, but it will allow you to separate items that really need to stay ice cold, versus those that can afford just to stay chilled. Separating meat, eggs, and other high-priority perishables from lower-maintenance goods like fruit and beverages will allow you to keep them frozen or ice cold for longer. This will help you preserve the cold air because really, how long does ice last in a cooler? The more frequently you open up your cooler to obtain drinks and little snacks here and there, the more the cold air will escape. Two coolers will allow your kids to grab snacks and drinks from the secondary cooler, while the primary cooler stays nice and cold. This way, the main cooler will be ready to provide some fresh burger patties, bacon, and barbeque bites on the grill.  

Electric Coolers: The Final Boss of Coolers

These titans are for the hardcore adventurers and explorers out there. According to the USDA, meat should be kept frozen at 0 °F. If standard coolers just aren’t enough for your expeditions, then it might be time to up the ante.  Electric coolers or portable fridges/freezers are the ultimate trump card when it comes to food preservation while traveling. They’re perfect for big families, long trips, and ravenous appetites. You can find high-quality electric coolers or portable fridge/freezers with digital displays, versatile temperature settings, USB ports, Smart Bluetooth App control, and more. 

Take these MVPs to sports games, road trips in the RV, or aboard any vehicle. There are some electric coolers so advanced that they have Class A++ energy efficiency and space-saving designs. With an electric cooler for your car or RV, you cannot be stopped. Go on that month-long camping trip or create your dream mobile home for summer road trips. With a way to store fresh food that doesn’t impose a time restraint, the sky’s the limit! 

Ice Packs Vs. Ice Cubes: The Ultimate Battle

Ice packs and ice cubes can both reach the same levels of coldness, but which will reign supreme in the battle for coolest in the cooler? Ice packs can be used in tandem with regular ice to prolong its lifespan, or in place of ice for a longer-lasting chill. Just freeze them for several hours until frozen solid and envelop them over cold drinks, fruits, and other freezables. What’s advantageous about ice packs over regular ice cubes is that once melted, ice packs won’t leak water everywhere, avoiding a mess that needs to be drained. This can prevent other foods from getting soggy, acting as a real lifesaver on those trips where the food supply is finite. It looks like ice packs claim this victory- you can’t underestimate the power of a cooler with strategically placed ice packs! Just find the longest lasting ice packs for coolers, sit back, and relax. 

Cooler Compartments

Optimize your cooler with cooler baskets or shelving! These cooler accessories help organize food in a way that allows for easier access, in turn decreasing the amount of time the cooler is open. The result is a lesser amount of cool air that escapes from the cooler, keeping items cold for longer. An added plus is that you can sort different food and drink items into separate compartments for better functionality and organization. Who would’ve thought that cooler baskets would help create the best ice chest for camping, road trips, and other outdoor events?

Insulation Nation

Assemble the best ice chest for camping and other trips with proper insulation! Adding insulation to your backpack cooler, electric cooler, or portable fridge/freezer is a simple way to increase the cool factor of its contents.  You can use insulated mats, reflective foils, or even invest in some insulated food containers. These are a great way to preserve the cold in your beverages, milk, ice creams, or other liquids. Plus, they’re spill-proof, reusable, tightly sealed, and oh-so-convenient. Throw them in with some of the longest lasting ice packs for coolers and you’ve got yourself the ultimate cooler setup!

Stay Cool!

Next time you go camping, backpacking, hiking, or on a road trip, you’ll be prepared with the coolest portable food container around. Whether you go with the double cooler method, the heavy-duty fridge/freezer combo, or just a little backpack cooler, you’ll be well-equipped with the best food-preservation methods for your adventures!

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