How to Make the Perfect S’more

Graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate sitting on a table with a campfire in the background.

S’mores are a tasty treat and a staple of outdoor summer nights. Whether you make them while camping or after a backyard BBQ, they are a delicious do-it-yourself dessert for kids and adults alike. However, making s’mores can be challenging at times. Today, we’re giving you all of the tips for how to make the perfect s’more. 

Gather Your S’mores Ingredients

The first thing you need to do to make the perfect s’more is to gather your ingredients. You will need medium or large-sized marshmallows, original graham crackers, and a chocolate bar. 

Hershey’s chocolate bars are a standard for s’mores making, but any chocolate bar will do. We recommend sticking with milk chocolate and any kind of chocolate that will make it easy to assemble your s’more later. However, there is some room for creativity here: You could try using white or dark chocolate, Reese’s, or any other kind of chocolate that appeals most to you. 

Get Ready to Toast Your Marshmallow

In addition to your ingredients, you will also need skewers and a heat source for toasting your marshmallow. We most strongly recommend using a campfire or fire pit. However, if you don’t have a campfire, you could get creative with other outdoor cooking methods like a camping stove or charcoal grill: Anything with an open flame heat source!

If you don’t already have a campfire going, start one as soon as possible. You want the fire to be going for a while, so you have glowing red embers in the bottom of your fire. New flames are a recipe for disaster: You’ll wind up with burnt marshmallows that crumble into ash. 

You also want to prep the rest of your s’more ingredients before you start toasting. Break a graham cracker into two even squares and lay a section of chocolate onto one of the squares. Then, set them aside near the campfire. 

Toast Your Marshmallow

Now, you are ready to toast your marshmallow! This is the most important step for how to make the perfect s’more. Place your marshmallow on the skewer and get it over the flames. The key to making the perfect s’more is getting a golden-brown toasted marshmallow with a slightly crunchy exterior and a perfectly melty interior. This is done with a little bit of patience. 

Put your marshmallow just above the flames or near embers. The more you can hold your marshmallow parallel to the ground, the better chance you have of toasting it evenly. If you hold your marshmallow up high, angling down into the fire, you will only toast the top of it. Make sure you rotate your marshmallow to get an even brown on all sides. 

If you are toasting your marshmallow over a different heat source, such as a camping stove or charcoal grill, you still have the same goal. Try to keep your marshmallow closer to embers or glowing charcoal if you can, or just above the flames rather than directly in them. If you do accidentally catch your marshmallow on fire, blow it out as quickly as you can to prevent it from turning to ash. If your marshmallow is too badly burned, you can always grab a new one and give it another try. It might take a little bit of practice to learn how to make the perfect s’more. 

Assemble Your Perfect S’more

You will know your marshmallow is perfectly toasted when you have an even golden-brown crust on all sides of the marshmallow or when your marshmallow starts to fall off of your skewer. This means the inside is completely melted and ready for eating.

When your marshmallow starts to look like it will fall off the skewer, it’s time to act quickly. Move your skewer so that the marshmallow is over your graham cracker with chocolate. Then, pick up the top graham cracker, place it over your marshmallow to make a sandwich, and use the graham crackers to pull the marshmallow off of the skewer. Set the skewer aside. 

Now that you know how to make the perfect s’more, you’re ready to eat! Watch out for melted chocolate and marshmallow that can make for sticky fingers. 

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