How to Prepare for a Trekking Trip

If you’re considering challenging yourself with a trek but don’t feel as if you’re prepared for it yet, don’t fret! The idea of trekking for multiple days over rugged terrain is undoubtedly a formidable undertaking. However, if you follow the recommendations in the following paragraphs, you’ll soon be ready for your excursion.

Start Preparation Now

It is never too early to begin to prepare for a trekking trip. While this may seem obvious, the best way to prepare to walk for a long time is to simply walk for a long time. If you’re just starting, don’t overdo it. Schedule rest days periodically so your body can recover and build muscle. As your body and confidence continue to grow, push yourself to walk further more days in a row. If you can walk comfortably for 4 to 6 hours without stopping, you might be ready for the real deal. 

You should also mix up the terrain as you practice. Go uphill and downhill since they work different muscle groups, walk hiking trails, climb steep terrain, and take the stairs every chance you get. Each of these is vital for developing the strength and mobility needed for a several-day trek. 

An older woman walks through the woods with a younger child

Walk with Your Backpack

You will carry most of what you need to survive, such as food, water, and a tent on your back for several days in potentially rugged terrain away from civilization. It is important to ensure you pack the right gear. You won’t be able to shed much weight once you start the trek, so you must be able to comfortably handle the weight of the backpack with minimal fatigue. 

Choose a comfortable backpack with back support and adjustable straps so your bag can be properly positioned on your back. As you prepare for a trekking trip, start adding weight to your pack by only putting a few clothing items in it. Then build up by adding water bottles or even some small weights. If you are going to be carrying any heavy hiking accessories, add those as well. Carry your backpack with you throughout as much of your preparation as possible. 

Use Walking Poles

Walking poles can reduce strain and pressure on your knees when going downhill. They will also reduce the body weight supported by your legs, especially when going uphill. Trekkers will use poles to strengthen their stride. While the trip will still be exhausting, it can provide relief and make your journey more enjoyable. So don’t forget to grab a pair of poles while you prepare for a trekking trip. 

Eat Foods that Fuel

A vehicle can only perform as well as its fuel allows, and it’s true for humans as well. Since you will be expending much more energy in your preparation and during your trek, you must provide your body with high-efficiency foods to meet the demand. 

Eating small, frequent meals will keep your energy up, and hydrating is non-negotiable. Prioritize high-energy, high-protein snacks and meals such as oatmeal, nuts, granola, dried fruit, chocolate, and lean meats. Prepacked meals may quickly provide great-tasting, nutrient-rich food options while trekking. 

Protect Against Blisters

The final tip to prepare for a trekking trip is to take the necessary measures to prevent blisters. Blisters are typically caused by pressure, heat, and moisture. The most important element to preventing blisters is ensuring your shoes fit your feet properly. If they’re too tight or even too loose, it can cause your shoes to rub or slide around on your feet, creating the perfect conditions for a blister to form. 

Many trekkers will also wear a thin liner sock under their thicker hiking socks which helps to wick moisture away from their feet. Additionally, you may want to experiment with applying a foot powder to provide an extra layer of protection against moisture. Know your pressure points and hot spots beforehand, and wrap them with a smooth layer of athletic tape, moleskin, or surgical tape. Bring extra tape and a small knife to replace the tape as efficiently as possible while trekking. 

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