Make the Most of Your RV Journey: Reviewing OMNI’s RV Living Products

Hey there, fellow road trippers and RV enthusiasts! Ready to take your RV adventure up a notch? Our article is all about diving into the incredible world of OMNI’s RV living products. We’re talking about gear like a cozy home on wheels but with a serious twist of innovation. With that in mind, let’s review OMNI’s RV living products so you can determine what you need for your journey!

RV Awnings

If you are looking for the perfect awning to get you out of the sun, consider Solera! This attractive and economical awning automatically retracts and extends with your slide-out preventing leaves, bird droppings, and branches from damaging seals. It features heated wedge welding for strong, leak-resistant seams. To determine the appropriate topper size, measure between the outside edges of both flanges on your slide-out. 

RV Heating and Cooling

If you are camping somewhere hot, you must have a cooling system. One of the best ways to accomplish this is using OMNI’s ASA Electronics Advent Air Non-Ducted Ceiling Assembly. On top of being out of the way, this stylish Advent Non-Ducted Ceiling Assembly offers three fan speeds giving you complete control.

On the other hand, if you need something to heat your RV, then go with Camco! The Camco Olympian Wave 3 Catalytic Safety Heater is an ideal primary or secondary heating source to bring on the go. Use it inside your RV as a portable unit or heater outdoors! This heater can be permanently mounted on a wall or other surface in vented areas. The Camco Olympian Wave 3 heater operates on low-pressure LP gas with adjustable 1600-3000 BTUs, designed to heat an area of up to 100 square feet. The built-in, self-generating piezo starter lasts around 20,000 starts for consistent long-term use. 

The integral safety shut-off valve helps stop non-ignition fuel discharge. The Camco Olympian Wave 3 Catalytic Safety Heater employs convenient and easy operation, free of flames, flues, or chimneys. Devoid of fan or blower noises, this smooth operator works in silence. The Olympian catalytic heating element features a high porosity spongy texture, allowing perfect transport of the oxygen needed for combustion. The catalytic heating element is evenly impregnated with platinum, guaranteeing optimal gas oxidation and eliminating the mix of dangerous gas emissions.

RV Cooking

Unless you want to live off dry food for the whole week, you must bring cooking equipment. Thankfully, Omni offers a plethora of low-maintenance cooking appliances. For example, The Mr. Heater Buddy FLEX Cooker’s 5,000 to 8,000 infini-variable controls and fiber mesh burner make cooking and cleanup a breeze. This portable cooker connects directly to the Buddy FLEX Heater (sold separately) using the integrated 28″ hose and custom quick-connect fitting to ensure you are safe and protected while cooking in any environment. The quick clean fiber mesh burner quickly burns off cooking residue to ensure optimum performance. The heavy-duty cooking grate supports up to a 10-inch cooking pan and up to 5 lbs.

There’s nothing better than a cool, crisp morning outdoors with a pile of steaming bacon, eggs, and pancakes. There’s no better camp system to create that meal than the Camp Chef Rainier 2X Combo. With the included non-stick aluminum grill; you have the space to cook breakfast on one side and heat a kettle of water on the other.

It would help if you also considered purchasing a Blackstone Griddle Cutting Board! The Blackstone premium quality cutting board made of koa wood is specifically designed for use with Blackstone Griddles. You can set the cutting board directly on the griddle top and protect your knife’s edge from the solid steel.

RV Entertainment

If you’re looking for the best TV for RV campers, look no further. The JENSEN 40″ LED AC RV Television is designed inside and out to be more durable than the average consumer television to create a lightweight option built to withstand vibration and travel. 

If you want to mount a TV, consider purchasing something from MORyde! MORryde steel TV Mounts are well-known for rugged quality and sleek functionality. Perfect for recreational vehicles, hospitality suites, and home patios. The double-joint extension arm extends a full 18 inches from the wall. It also swivels, swings, and tilts to give you a full range of viewing options for your lightweight TV or monitor. Quickly release the extension arm with the pull handle and optional chain, then lock it into place for safe travel. It also has rubber isolators that reduce vibration during travel.

Experience Outdoor Living!

At Omni Outdoor Living, we make it our mission to help our customers make the most out of their outdoor experiences. We offer quality outdoor products focused on outdoor recreation, DIY projects, entertaining friends and family, or just relaxing outside! If you have any questions about your outdoor experience or our wide range of outdoor products, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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