Preparing for your RV Road Trip


You’re taking to the open road, and the RV is your vehicle of choice. Perhaps it’s because you can travel much farther for much less. Or maybe you prefer having more control over what you eat. It might simply be because you like sleeping in the same bed every night. Whatever the reason, you’re not alone! You’ll be joining the ranks of over 11 million RV owners, so you’ll want to keep reading to know how to prepare for your RV road trip.

Plan Your Route

A well-planned route will consider your budget. Gas, campground fees, and food are the most expensive items when road tripping in an RV, so you’ll want to plan accordingly. Many will balance their budget by paying more for an RV resort one night and boondocking the next. Depending on local ordinances, you may even be able to park at a Walmart, Bass Pro, or a church. Whatever location you choose, make sure you can pull in and out easily. If you’re unsure what the parking situation will be, use your smartphone to pull up the satellite map view ahead of time. 

You’ll also want to consider your RV’s MPG and the distance between campsites. Since traveling in an RV takes much more time and focus than driving your car, many follow the 3/300 rule. Avoid traveling more than 300 miles daily or arriving at your destination after 3 pm. Doing this ensures you have plenty of time to enjoy your location and prevents you from setting up camp after dark. As a general rule, you’ll travel at an average of 50 miles per hour due to slower speeds and longer, more frequent gas stops. So be sure to plan your campsites with that in mind. 

Prep Your Packing List 

Camping can often be described as “roughing it,” while living in your home would be described as comfortable. RVing brings the best of both worlds – you get all the adventure without sacrificing everyday comforts. 

That being said, you’ll want to pack everything you might take with you for a camping trip. Be sure to bring multiple layers of outdoor clothing and anything you’ll need for adventures, such as a backpack, first aid kit, and spotlight. But don’t forget the luxury items such as your camp chairs, hammock, toiletries, and plenty of food when preparing for your RV road trip. Ensure your awning doesn’t need to be repaired or replaced, as you will likely spend a good deal of time hanging out under its protective shade.

You’ll also want to check your inventory for plenty of cookware items, a toolkit, leveling blocks, and bathroom essentials. Even if you only use some of these items once, not having what you need could be the difference between a great experience and a miserable one. 

Use a Camping App

While planning your route in advance should prevent needing to find a last-minute campsite, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. In addition to being prepared to properly set up at a campground, there are some very helpful apps to consider. Campendium or Ultimate Campground may reveal some hidden camping spots or places to boondock. 

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