Snow Tubes Versus Sleds | Is Snow Tubing or Sledding Better?

Ah, wintertime. The season of frost-covered trees, snow-dusted windows, and snuggling up by the fireplace with loved ones, hot chocolate in hand. But before you can do that, you have to tucker them out! A little outdoor adventure and thrill will provide the perfect contrast to this cozy scene. 

Snow tubing and sledding are great outdoor winter activities for couples, kids, and the whole family! They’re low-maintenance, low-cost activities that are easy to do on a whim because they require little planning. Extreme winter sports like skiing and snowboarding are great, but they demand a hefty dose of equipment, preparation, and forethought. Wouldn’t it be a nice weekend activity just to throw on a winter coat, walk over to the top of the hill, board the toboggan, and soar onward into the powdery bundle of snow? Yes, it would. 

Snow tubing and sledding are great options for thrilling yet easy-going fun. But the question is, is snow tubing or sledding better?

Snow Tubing vs. Sledding

Snow tubing and sledding both involve coasting downhill atop a snowy surface, driven by the force of gravity. Snow tubes and sleds differ in style, design, and material, and the result is a difference in outcomes. One is built for greater speed and sacrifices a bit of extra safety, whereas another is more controlled, but the trade-off is a less extreme thrill. 

To better understand the differences in performance between snow tubes vs. sleds, let’s dive into the physics behind them. 


Snow tubing and sledding make use of something called potential energy. According to Britannica, potential energy is stored energy, ready to be used. This energy is made available by kinetic energy, which is energy at work. Kinetic energy is the type of energy used when you’re trudging up the hill to get to that sweet sledding spot at the top. Once you reach the top, potential energy has been built up and is then used on the way down. Gravity is the force that helps you release that built-up potential energy. 

Thanks to potential energy and the force of gravity, we get to enjoy the beauty of wild winter sleigh rides! 

The speed of these sleigh rides will vary in snow tubes vs. sleds due to differences in their designs. Snow tubes are usually more aerodynamic than sleds, which causes them to carry you downhill at higher speeds. For this reason, tubes are ideal for adults, older kids, or someone looking for a little more adventure in their wintry excursion. Check out these awesome snow tubes for adults for your next high-speed snow tubing adventure! 

Two young girls sledding down hill in ice and snow


In the race between snow tubes vs. sleds, snow tubes will, nine times out of ten, reach the bottom of the hill first. But what sleds lack in speed, they make up for in control. A sled has more control due to its steering ropes, which allow you to alter its direction. A sled’s design also enables you to reach your hands down to the ground to decelerate, because you’re lying down horizontally. This design differs from that of a snow tube, where you’re sitting upright. Unless you were blessed with abnormally long limbs, you likely won’t reach the ground from atop your snow tube!


Due to the ability to control both speed and direction, sleds offer a greater amount of control. This can be really useful in the event that you need to avoid an obstacle, such as a tree or protruding rock. The extra element of control makes sleds safer and ideal for kids! Sleds can also hold more than one person at a time, allowing kids to share with each other or ride along with parents for extra safety. Explore some of the best snow sleds for adults and children to optimize safety on your snow sled outing! 


When deciding between snow tubes vs sleds, it’s helpful to determine if longevity is a factor for you. Snow tubes tend to be inflatable- the less expensive tubes are usually not as durable as the heavy-duty tubes and might puncture when making contact with ice or rock. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you just want to try out snow tubing for the first time or like to use them for the season and replace them next year. However, if you want them to last through many winters and survive many tubing rides, you’ll want to invest in a snow tube made from strong, heavy-duty material. Alternatively, you can opt for sleds. Sleds tend to be more durable in general because of their materials, such as stainless steel. Check out one of the best snow sleds for adults to take your winter fun to the extreme! 

So then, Is Snow Tubing or Sledding Better?

There’s no true objective answer to this query. It comes down to personal preference, whether you want to be a speed demon on the slopes or a captain of the hill steering the sled. Do you envision a relaxing sleigh ride o’er the drifted snow, or do you have a need for speed? Whichever you proclaim as the winner in the race between snow tubing vs. sledding, you’re bound to have fun and make lasting memories doing either. Explore anything from the best snow sleds for adults to the safest snow tubes for kids at Omni Outdoor Living!

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