Stay Warm and Cozy: A Review of OMNI’s Fireplaces and Stoves

In the realm of warmth and comfort, OMNI emerges as a prominent figure with its exceptional range of fireplaces and stoves. As the seasons shift and the desire for a cozy haven intensifies, OMNI’s offerings take center stage, promising heat and a blend of style and functionality. With that said, let’s review OMNI’s top-selling fireplaces and stoves.

Pellet and Wood Stoves

The Cleveland Iron Works No.215 Mini Pellet Stove is compact but practical. Use it to heat smaller spaces up to 800 sq. ft., such as an all-season room or family cabin, quickly and economically with the 18 lb. hopper capacity. Measuring only 20 inches across and 18 inches deep, you can now install a pellet stove in areas never before available. It is designed and engineered with solid steel and cast iron construction that allows you to feel confident that your investment is built for extended performance and trouble-free use for years to come. The easy-access service areas make maintenance quick and straightforward. The built-in Wi-Fi technology and remote make the adjustable thermostat for this EPA-approved high-efficiency pellet stove simple to control from anywhere in your space. The smart stove app is available on iOS and Android platforms.

The Cleveland Iron Works No. 210 Bay Front Pellet Stove offers picturesque heat. Three large windows open up maximum viewing of the firebox. Enjoy the crackle of the fire in a stylishly designed stove. Designed and engineered with solid steel and cast iron construction, you can feel comfortable that your investment is built for extended performance and trouble-free use for years. This bay front pellet stove features a 66 lb. hopper allowing you to quickly and economically heat up to 2500 sq. ft. Muck like the other stove; the Cleveland Iron Works also employs a smart app to get everything done.

Fireplace Accessories

There is a list of things you will want to invest in if you want a functional fireplace. The grate, logs, and tools necessary to use a fireplace can be difficult to secure when sold separately. The following is a list of these accessories so you can secure them all at once!

  • Fireplace Screen

First is the Asteria Fireplace Screen. Its classic arts and crafts details evoke a traditional feel that fits any décor. The clean lines of the tri-panel screen and its wenge brown finish will draw all eyes to your fireplace. The Asteria screen is more than just an accent in your home; it reduces the amount of escaping sparks, helping to protect you, your home, and your furniture.

  • Log Holder

Next, you will need something to hold the logs you will burn. Thankfully, the Orion Log Holder provides your fireplace with an elegant yet modern accent. It features side handles for ease of use and a sturdy base to hold larger firewood and kindling. The frame is constructed from 100% steel and has a gun metal finish that adds beauty and durability. Minimal assembly is required.

  • Fire Management Tools

Finally, you will need a toolset to ensure you have everything to manage the fire. Shovels and log grabbers are necessary for clean-up and safety. For this reason, you need the Waverly Fireplace Tool Set. The intricate botanical pattern will inspire you to use your fireplace regularly. Not just a pretty design, the Waverly Tool Set assists in building a warm and comforting fire.

Electric Fireplaces

Incorporating an electric fireplace into your living space adds a touch of elegance and warmth and presents a practical and modern heating solution. Electric fireplaces offer the charm of a traditional fireplace without the hassle of managing wood or dealing with emissions. Adjustable settings provide personalized comfort and ambiance, creating a cozy atmosphere for any occasion. Their easy installation, low maintenance, and ability to complement various interior designs make electric fireplaces a compelling choice for enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.

With that in mind, you should invest in a Modern Flames electric fireplace! It is low maintenance and offers you a variety of different claim colors to liven up your home. This is an excellent alternative if owning a real fireplace isn’t your thing.

Experience Outdoor Living!

At Omni Outdoor Living, we make it our mission to help our customers make the most out of their outdoor experiences. We offer quality outdoor products focused on outdoor recreation, DIY projects, entertaining friends and family, or just relaxing outside! If you have any questions about your outdoor experience or our wide range of outdoor products, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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