The Best Outdoor Playsets to Cure Spring Fever

Spring is here- it’s a time for laughter and sunlight and flowers and cheer! As the birds chirp and flutter and critters pitter-patter, we too participate in this lively chatter! The desire to be outdoors is palpable, and it will only grow stronger as we voyage deeper into the season. Get ahead of the curve and plan for seasonal fun before the kids catch a case of spring fever! Luckily, we have the cure for these feelings of restless excitement, and it involves maxing out springtime fun with some of the best outdoor playsets for kids you can get!

Why Outdoor Playsets Are a Springtime Staple

Parents with very active, high-energy kids know that physical activity and time outdoors are essential for their high-rev youngsters! The best outdoor playsets allow young children to run around, crawl, jump, hang, climb, and explore the physical world around them. Time outside in nature has been proven to provide psychological benefits and mood-lifting effects

It can also help strengthen the immune system, improve sleep, and more. An afternoon on the outdoor playset not only supplies a daily dose of physical activity, but a healthy serving of mental exercise too. The new environments and obstacles of these whimsical outdoor playsets for kids stimulate the imaginations of all who wander around them! Here are some of the ways that outdoor playsets can introduce a world of wonder to your curious kids:

Classic Outdoor Playsets for Toddlers

There are many great options for outdoor playsets, especially for young children. Here are some of the best outdoor playsets for toddlers!

Mini Playground and Picnic Playset

Most typical outdoor playsets for toddlers will include a slide with some sort of step ladder or climbing element to help your child ascend to the top. The idea of a life-sized game of chutes and ladders may seem simple, but you might be surprised at how long the game of up and down and up and down can keep your little ones entertained. Some playsets, such as the Jack and Jill Wooden Playset, include special features like a sandbox, rock wall, and picnic table attachment for an afternoon jam-packed with new activities and learning. 

On the Jack and Jill Wooden Playset, you can teach your kids to experiment with new movements like climbing, stepping, and sliding. Next, your young explorer can search the sand like an archeologist, or build sandcastles while building up their motor skills. Finally, they can enjoy a fun-sized picnic after all their hard work (and play!)

A Jeep-Style Outdoor Playset for The Young Overlander

Other classic outdoor playsets for kids might include two separate platforms connected by a small bridge, steering wheels, or hiding areas for play! The Simplay3 Young Explorers Adventure Climber features a 2-tiered platform, slide, hideaway spot, and climbing ladder, all in a structure that mimics a Jeep! This Jeep-style playset with a steering wheel is perfect for the young overlander looking to explore. 

Rock Climbing Wall Playhouse for Future Adventurers

Another classic is the Step2 Woodland Adventure Playhouse & Slide, perfect for future hikers and climbers! The classic slide, ladder, and platform are accompanied by a challenging yet safe rock-climbing wall for toddlers between the ages of two to six. It also has two steering wheels and various textures for your tactile toddler to explore. 

Both the Simplay3 Young Explorers Adventure Climber and the Step2 Woodland Adventure Playhouse & Slide are great outdoor playsets for toddlers between the ages of two to six, equipped with handles and side rails for added safety and mobility. These outdoor playsets are made from weather and UV-resistant material to withstand the elements and last for years and years. Attach additional playsets to the Simplay3 Young Explorers Adventure Climber to form the ultimate Young Explorers Modular Playset. With these outdoor playsets, the possibilities are endless!

Imaginative Outdoor Playsets 

There are so many specialty outdoor playsets for kids that invoke curiosity and imagination, from realistic kitchenettes to fantasy-themed playhouses! 

Charming Woodland Cottage 

You can find a charming woodland cottage playhouse for children interested in tea parties and cottage living! The Step2 Charming Cottage Playhouse features Dutch-Style doors, large open windows, an outdoor tabletop, an adorable fireplace, and a skylight for entertaining guests when friends come to play. It even features a real, working doorbell to get the party started! 

Fairytale Castle Playhouse

The Step2 Enchanting Adventures 2-Story Playhouse & Slide is a fairytale castle playhouse with an interactive kitchenette, functioning Dutch-style doors and window shutters, and a real electronic doorbell. This fairytale playhouse is sure to conjure up lots of creativity and storytelling in your young explorers! 

Play Patio and Outdoor Cooking Station

Are you a pit master who likes to throw parties on the patio? If your kid has an interest in cooking and barbecuing, but you need to keep them off the grill and out of harm’s way, the Step2 All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy is your solution. With its miniature grilling and snacking oasis, your child can be a mini pit master or party-thrower, just like you! Keep the kids entertained with their own miniature party while the adults enjoy theirs!

Choosing the Best Outdoor Playset

There are so many outdoor playsets for toddlers to choose from. You can get one with a niche theme, just for your child and their unique interests, or you can go for a classic that all of the kids will love. There are real wood playsets, and playsets made from durable, weather-resistant, BPA-free plastic resin. Finally, there are specific features to select from, such as playsets with slides, climbing walls, swing sets, steering wheels, and more. Whichever you choose, it will bring forth fun through simple pleasures, and learning through new experiences. Select the best outdoor playset and get ready to experience these cherished moments with your young adventurers!

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