Tips & Tricks for Organizing Your Garage

New home projects can be fun and invigorating- they’re a natural part of organizing and beautifying one’s home! Redoing a kitchen, upgrading a bathroom, installing a sunroom, or building a patio are all great ways to elevate your living space and make it your own. However, many homeowners may forget about their garages. Since we don’t live in our garages, it can be easy to let the clutter pile up and the dust creeps in. But here’s a lesser-known secret: organizing your garage space is actually key to maintaining a beautiful home.

 If you have easy access to all of the repair and maintenance tools that keep your house up and running, you’re more likely to utilize them. Revamping that home studio or embarking on the DIY vegetable garden all starts with the garage or toolshed. That’s why we’re here to provide some inspiring garage organization ideas to help you get started!

Remove Excess Clutter

The first step to achieving a cleaner, more organized garage is to simply decrease the number of items and things present in the space. Think: ‘minimalism.’ This may be the hardest part for those who hold their belongings near and dear. If you’re not used to purging items you don’t need, it can feel foreign. But when you’re going through the piles of things, ask yourself if you’ve used or thought about using the item in the last couple of years. If the answer is no, then odds are, that item is taking up space unnecessarily. Toss the item in the recycling bin or donate it somewhere, and you might be surprised to find that it actually feels freeing to declutter your precious space! Ultimately, this will make the path to organizing your garage way smoother. 

Categorize Toys, Tools, and Other Items

Once you’ve successfully made it through the decluttering stage, you’ll begin phase two: the categorizing stage. Group your belongings into different sections to better organize them. This will allow you to form a mental layout of where things belong in the garage so that you can access them seamlessly. However you choose to categorize them is up to you, and will depend on the types of items you own. Items that you use every day or very frequently should probably be front and center, with very easy access. Seasonal items or items rarely used can be tucked away towards the back or within storage containers. Having the right containers, garage shelving, and racks will make this process a breeze so that you have plenty of separate spaces to store items in. For example, all paint-related items could reside in one drawer, while smaller handheld tools such as screwdrivers and hammers could be placed in another. You could designate drawers for different cleaning products, cooking appliances and grilling utensils, patio decorations, sports equipment, gardening tools, and whatever else you may want to store. Bigger items like skateboards or bikes can be mounted on the walls. Categorizing your tools and equipment in a way that makes sense for you will aid you in optimizing and organizing your garage in the most functional way! 

Use Containers for Easy Storage

There are so many ways to go about organizing your garage, but one of the best ways to make it appear more immaculate in an instant is through storage containers and cabinets. Cabinets allow you to arrange your tools and equipment ergonomically, while also concealing them. Sometimes it’s nice to keep certain tools or items out of sight for aesthetic reasons. Stationary tool cabinets are excellent options for containers in your garage or workspace. A quality storage container or cabinet will be made from strong materials that can resist all kinds of dents, scratches, and rust. With state-of-the-art blow molding technology, there are tool cabinets fortified enough to hold up to 200 pounds! 

You can also incorporate stackable recycling bins to save space while cutting back on your ecological footprint! Contain your recyclables neatly and efficiently with these storage solutions. Marked by durability and strength, a good tool cabinet or storage container can reliably hold your equipment, tools, and more, giving you peace of mind in all matters of the garage. 

Utilize Ceiling Space

Space is a finite resource, especially in a garage. Therefore, it’s important to utilize your space efficiently. Many homeowners utilize floor space, and even wall space, but many won’t think to utilize the space above. Ceiling racks allow you to make use of not just the width of your garage, but its height too. With the help of ceiling racks, you can store large items like kayaks and bikes up high, rather than leaning them against the wall or ground. Ceiling racks are great for organization and space efficiency since they hold items that otherwise tend to take up lots of floor space. Opening up the floor space in your garage will make it more walkable, and the tools more accessible. Plus, if you don’t currently have room to store your car in the garage, ceiling racks could help open up that space for you! According to the DMV, storing your car in your garage is one of the best ways to prevent damage by pests, thieves, and the elements. Now, that’s a garage organization idea worth considering!

Add Tool Racks and Shelves

If you like to do handiwork and always have multiple projects going at once, odds are that you have many, many tools in your garage. Whether they’re tucked away in a miscellaneous drawer or sitting out right in the open, it’s likely that you could benefit from optimized tool organization. You can utilize the surface area in your garage with hanging tool racks and garage storage shelves! Simply mount your tool rack or garage shelving to the wall and save space elsewhere. Our tool racks are made from durable, corrosion-resistant materials like galvanized steel so that they can handle your heavy-duty tools. Hang your shovels, saws, rakes, hoes, brooms, mops, and more up on the wall for convenient storage. These easy-access racks and garage storage shelves make tools ready for use, so you can grab them and go effortlessly. Not only will you save space, but time too!

Organize Your Garage with Storage Seating

Do you need a workbench or seat for when you work on long projects? Or maybe you enjoy the idea of forming a man cave where you work and relax, all in one. Storage seats are a top-notch hack for organizing your garage. You can find garage benches with industrial-grade steel beams that can support up to 1,000 pounds of weight. Their frames are durable enough to hold heavy-duty tools, and their feet are present to prevent any damage to the floors. We also have lightweight storage seats that mimic beautiful wicker designs, fit for storing toys, balls, swim goggles, and other items for outdoor fun. Neatly tuck one of these storage seats underneath a desk or one of your garage storage shelves for greater efficiency. Comfortable and functional, these storage seats are an excellent investment for those who like to optimize their space.

Maintaining an Organized Garage

Once you’ve drafted the layout of your ideal garage space and have done the hard work of bringing it to fruition, all that’s left to do is maintain it. Simply upkeeping the cleanliness of your garage space through weekly cleanings and returning items to their designated homes is key to preserving the amazing storage system you’ve created for yourself. Out of all of our garage organization ideas, this one may be the most valuable. For more ways to level up your garage, visit Omni Outdoor Living for innovative storage and organization options!

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