Top Backyard Games for Summer

backyard games

As the days lengthen and the temperatures climb, summer invites us to spend time outside with our friends and families. Backyard gatherings bring us together with our loved ones, filling our time with laughter and fun. Whether you’re hosting a family reunion, entertaining friends, or simply looking for ways to keep the kids active during school breaks, backyard games are the perfect way to amp up your summer. From cornhole to badminton, let’s take a look at the top backyard games this summer!

Cornhole and Beanbag Toss

    Cornhole is the perfect way to add a competitive spirit to your backyard parties. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-timer, cornhole’s simple rules and laid-back vibe make it the perfect way to unwind and enjoy some outdoor fun. Check out these cornhole and beanbag sets and bring your summer to life!

    Triumph LED Keyhole Cornhole Set

    This vibrant and durable set features two weather-resistant boards with built-in LED lights. This ensures the fun continues even as the sun sets. Each board measures 2 feet by 3 feet, providing a perfect playing surface for casual players and serious competitors. The set includes eight premium bean bags in two colors, allowing easy team play. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue or bonfire, the Triumph LED Cornhole Set brings excitement and brilliance to any event.

    Escalade Sports Triumph 2-in-1 Set

    This versatile cornhole set offers two classic games in one. It features a reversible board that easily switches between beanbag toss and washer toss. The sturdy, weather-resistant construction ensures durability for endless hours of play, while the vibrant graphics add a touch of excitement to any gathering. Perfect for tailgates, picnics, or backyard parties, this set includes all the necessary components. It has eight bean bags, six washers, and a convenient carrying case for easy transport. 

    Bocce Ball

      Bocce ball is a fun and easy-to-learn game perfect for backyard gatherings. The game starts with one player tossing the smaller Pallino ball onto the playing surface. Teams, each with four larger bocce balls, take turns trying to throw their balls closest to the pallino. Points are awarded after all balls are thrown, with the team having balls closest to the pallino scoring one point per ball closer than the nearest opponent’s ball. The game continues until one team reaches the predetermined winning score, typically 12 or 16 points. This mix of skill and strategy makes bocce ball a delightful outdoor activity for all ages. 

      Triumph Competition 100MM Resin Bocce Ball Set

      Designed for competition-level play, this Bocce Ball set is the perfect way to add a competitive edge to your summer barbeques. This premium set includes eight high-quality, 100mm resin bocce balls in two vibrant colors with a durable construction. Packaged in a convenient carrying case, this set is easy to transport, making it ideal for backyard gatherings, beach outings, or park picnics. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, the Triumph Competition Bocce Ball Set promises hours of fun and friendly competition.


        Horseshoes is a classic outdoor game that combines skill and fun, perfect for any gathering. The objective is simple: players take turns tossing horseshoes toward a metal stake, aiming to encircle it or land as close as possible. Points are scored based on the proximity of the horseshoes to the stake, with ringers earning the most points. This backyard game suits players of all ages and skill levels, making it a fantastic way to bring family together.

        GSI Outdoors Freestyle Horseshoes

        This modern twist on a classic game features four vibrant rubber horseshoes and two sturdy steel stakes, ensuring durability and safety for all ages. The lightweight design and included carrying bag make it easy to transport and set up, whether in your backyard or someone else’s!

        Triumph Patriotic Forged Horseshoes

        Celebrate Independence Day with the Triumph Patriotic Forged Horseshoe Set, a perfect blend of tradition and national pride. This premium set includes four forged steel horseshoes, expertly crafted for durability and superior play, featuring a vibrant red, white, and blue finish. Two solid steel stakes ensure stability and reliable performance on any playing surface. These heavyweight horseshoes are ideal for beginners or advanced players, promising endless fun at your next backyard party. 


          Badminton is a lively and engaging sport perfect for backyard barbeques. Played with lightweight rackets and a shuttlecock, the game involves volleying the shuttlecock over a high net. The game’s combination of agility, strategy, and coordination ensures excitement and enjoyment for players and spectators alike, making it a favorite for sunny days and family gatherings.

          Triumph Patriotic Portable Badminton Set

          Showcase your American pride with the Triumph Patriotic Portable Badminton Set. This all-in-one set includes four rackets, a shuttlecock, a regulation-size net, and sturdy poles, all featuring a vibrant red, white, and blue design. The easy-to-assemble net system and convenient carrying case make setup, tear down, and transport a breeze, whether at the beach, park, or backyard. 

          Ladder Toss

            Ladder Toss is a fun and easy backyard game, perfect for players of all ages and skill levels. layers take turns tossing bolas—two balls connected by a string—at a three-rung ladder, aiming to wrap them around the highest-scoring rungs. Play to 21 or set your own winning score and experience hours of summer fun!

            Triumph All Pro Series Press Fit Ladderball Set

            This premium set includes two sturdy ladder targets and six durable bolas in contrasting colors, designed for intense, competitive play. The press-fit design ensures quick and easy assembly, while the heavy-duty construction withstands countless games. The easy-carry case allows for convenient transportation and storage, allowing you to take this ladderball set to every backyard gathering. 

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