What is a hot hole in fishing?

Cold weather usually means it’s time to hang up your fishing pole for the season. However, there may be a way for you to continue fishing throughout the winter that doesn’t involve sawing a hole through the ice. Let’s take a look at fishing in hot holes. 

Where does the hot hole come from?

Nuclear power plants use water to help cool their towers, and the residual hot water is drained into a nearby lake. This water is quite hot and warms the lake considerably. The hot water is technically referred to as “warm water discharge,” and it not only warms the entire lake but forms pockets that are considerably warmer. 

This increase in temperature makes the fish think it is springtime. They congregate in these warm spots where the temperature can reach up to ten degrees higher than in other parts of the lake. 

What type of fish lives in hot holes?

Warm water means warm fish, which means hungry fish. This is the perfect combination for avid fishermen. Hot holes will attract all kinds of fish, including catfish, crappie, and largemouth bass. Of course, the lake’s location and environmental factors will affect what kind of fish are in different lakes. 

When is the best time to use a hot hole?

Lakes that contain hot holes are typically warm all year round. However, you will find that hot-hole fishing is most effective during the winter. This is because the fish will congregate in these spots to feed and keep warm. 

How do I find fish in a hot hole?

Finding a hot hole is a little tricky for the novice fisherman. If you find this to be your case, you may want to seek out a seasoned fisherman who already knows where to find these spots. 

However, you can use these tips to help you find the location of a lake’s hot holes. 

First, it is best to use a boat or kayak to navigate the lake as you look for the hot hole. Finding pockets of warm water by the shore is possible but may be difficult to find. 

Next, seek out any currents of water that are flowing through the lake. The currents could come from either the nuclear plant itself or a source like a stream. Knowing where the currents are is important because this is what will push the fish. 

Once you have located a current, you will want to look for a ridge or lip that the current rushes over. Fish love to hide behind these ridges. This is where you will find your hot hole. 

This is when your fun begins. Fish as you normally would. Some great lure options for hot hole fishing include:

  • Spinnerbait
  • Shaky head jig
  • Plastic worm
  • Split-shot rig
  • Topwater bait

Hot holes are an excellent way to get your fill of fishing even when the temperatures plunge. Before you know it, you will catch your limit and have enough fish to eat for dinner!

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