Why Everyone Should Own a Floating Water Mat

Warmer weather is rapidly approaching- soon will be the time of year ideal for slowing down and relaxing. Longer days mean more time to lay beneath the glorious sun or float by the pool. With floating water mats, you can do both simultaneously. Picture coming home after a long day of work to float on the pool with a cold beverage in hand, soaking up the warm rays. Or, enjoy a day off at the beach, splashing and jumping off a floating mat with the kids. There are so many ways to experience the delights of floating water mats. 

Revel in Relaxation: Unroll and Unwind

One of the most apparent benefits of floating water mats is the relaxation they provide. Not only can you lay out under the warming sun, but you can enjoy the weightless feel of floating. This relaxing feeling will be accompanied by tranquil sounds of water ripples flowing around you. Take your floating water mat out to the pool and hear the water’s gentle ebb and flow against the tiles. To enter an even more peaceful paradise, simply pack up your Aqua Lily Pad Floating Water Mat and head to your favorite lake, surrounded by serene forested meadows. Let the flowing rush of water downstream transport you to a calm oasis. You can also head out to the beach on a mild day and let the ocean carry you as you float on your water mat. The saltwater will work its wonders, and you’ll enjoy being buoyant on your floating mat! 

Float Into Health Benefits 

The relaxation that floating water mats can bring is bound to reduce stress. From lowering the risk of disease to promoting emotional well-being, reducing stress is one of the best things you can do for your body. Time in nature will also have positive effects on your physical health and mood, because of exposure to things like enhanced air circulation, soothing stimuli, and a healthy dose of vitamin D. Just roll up your Airhead Roll ‘N Go Floating Water Mat, take it to a local lake, bay, or ocean, and enjoy the benefits of relaxation. Alternatively, you can head out to your backyard pool and listen to the natural sounds of birds chirping or leaves swaying in the breeze. 

Roll and Go for Easy Travel

Experiencing the previously mentioned benefits of floating water mats is easy because they are so simple and efficient by design. All you have to do is roll them up and go- they won’t take up much space in your Jeep, van, or RV. The Airhead Roll ‘N Go Floating Water Mat is small and compact enough to be a carry-on item; one that you can easily bring on your walk over to the beach from the villa while on vacation, or to the lake from your campsite. Floating mats are easy and require minimal effort to maintain, making them perfect for the low-maintenance, hassle-free traveler. Skip the pumps, ladders, and patches that might be required for inflatables and other pool accessories. With floating water mats, you simply have to unroll and unwind. 

Both Buoyant and Budget-Friendly!

When it’s summertime and the kids are out of school, they want to spend time exploring, having fun, and going on adventures. Sometimes they want to try something new and exciting, like water parks, boats, and other watersport activities. Unfortunately, many of these activities can be costly to revisit all summer long. Water parks range from about $40-$80 per person for just one day! Multiply that by the whole family, and you have a costly outing that won’t entertain them through the whole summer. Luckily, floating mats are a sustainable option for fun and entertainment, built to last through summers to come! There are plenty of affordable floating water mats, including the Aqua Lily Pad Tadpole Single for $82 and the Airhead Water Mat 6-Person Air Island for $95. You can revisit this form of recreation as many times as you want, and it won’t cost a cent!  

Sustainable Through the Summer

Floating water mats are practical in more ways than one, keeping consistent with their minimalist and functional design. They roll and pack up easily, requiring very little storage space- so they won’t take up room in the garage or on the patio. Just place your Aqua Lily Pad Floating Water Mat or Airhead Roll n Go Floating Mat in a deck box and take it out when you’re ready to use it again! They won’t harbor mold or mildew either, due to their non-absorbent material. The material is also UV-resistant and highly durable, so the water mats won’t be prone to damage. Water mats such as the WOW CHILLraft Floating Foam Mat feature special anti-rip technology for the toughest structure possible. The longevity and space efficiency of floating water mats makes them a uniquely viable and sustainable summer recreational activity!

Fun for The Whole Gang 

One of the best factors of these floating water mats is the good old classic fun they provide for the whole family or friend group. Kids love to jump, climb, and splash around on these floating platforms. The WOW CHILLraft Floating Foam Mat is a large floating platform fit for all kinds of games and horseplay on the water. The Rubber Dockie Floating Foam Water Mat is another excellent option for large water mats that can accommodate several people. When it comes to fun and games out on the water, the more the merrier! You can get very creative with your fun under the sun: play an extreme round of Simon Says, where balance becomes the challenge. Pretend to walk on water, or have a dance party on top of a lake! The possibilities for fun and new experiences are endless when you’re enjoying the best water mats on the market.

Discovering The Best Water Mats

There are so many floating water mats out there, so it’s important to do a bit of research and choose the best water mats for you. They vary in size, durability, price, weight capacity, color, material, and more. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, recreation, adventure, or all of these in one, the best water mat for you is out there! 

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