5 Products to Improve Your Summer Fun!

improve your summer with smores

Summer is a time of fun in the outdoors. The longer days and warm weather make experiencing the outdoors fun for all. While there are many fun options, if you don’t think ahead, you may end up sitting out in the heat with nothing to do. If you’re looking ahead for fun ways to make the most of your summer, here are 5 products that will improve your summer fun!

1. Fire Pit

Fire pits are an excellent way to enjoy those late summer evenings. Sitting around a fire with friends and family is a great aesthetic that will bring you closer together. From roasting s’mores to telling spooky stories, a fire pit is one purchase you won’t regret. 

While we have numerous options in both gas and wood, our Pleasent Hearth 33″ wood fire pit is one of our favorite options. Affordable and portable, this product produces smoke that will keep away annoying bugs such as mosquitoes. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your patio this summer and make some memories, then a fire pit is the way to go. 

2. Cornhole

Put your backyard on alert this summer with our new Triumph Led Keyhole cornhole set. This portable and easily taken board is perfect for any outdoor occasion, whether you’re at the park or hosting friends over! And don’t worry about inclement weather because these boards can withstand anything Mother Nature throws their way because they are all-weather. Easy to learn and simple to set up, this game is a must-have for those wanting to add a little excitement to their summer. 

3. Pickleball

You’ve probably heard of pickleball by now, as it is America’s fastest-growing sport. It’s taken off in the last few years, and with good reason; it’s super fun and easy to learn! Communities have started adding pickleball courts everywhere, and players of all ages can enjoy this simple sport in a relaxed setting or join local tournaments to test their skills!

If you haven’t looked into pickleball, it’s definitely worth giving a try. With our Onix Recruit pickleball starter set, you can give the sport a try without having to invest in pricy equipment. If it’s for you, then you can always upgrade your gear later on. If you’re looking for a way to improve your summer fun, then give pickleball a try!

4. Grill

We’ve got all your grill needs! From gas and charcoal grills to electric pellet smokers, we stock the best selection around. Whether you want an extra large outdoor cooking area or just something small for inside – our team will help find exactly what fits within those parameters so that even when summer’s not in full swing there are sure bets on hand ready at any given time.

There’s nothing like sharing fresh meat & veggies with friends while enjoying some music under stars during sunset… but if this isn’t possible due either weather conditions (too windy)or lack of space outside patio/ backyard

5. Horseshoes

Horseshoes are an old favorite and a staple outdoor activity. There’s something about throwing metal around that’s just fun, especially since you know your friends probably aren’t any better than you are! Now, you can enjoy horseshoes anywhere with our Triumph Premium Forged Horseshoe set. Take horseshoes on the go in this quality carrying case. The beach, park, or your best friend’s house are all excellent places to experience this activity. 

Make the most out of your summer by filling it with friends, family, and fun activities. Life is too short to miss out on making memories. Step out of your comfort zone and improve your summer fun this year so you can live life without regrets. You may just end up having the best summer ever. 

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