5 Tools Every Garage Should Have

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or just like to have a place to store your car, a garage is a necessary addition to any home. But what kind of tools should you have in your garage? Here are five essentials that every garage should have.


No garage would be complete without the bench. Whether you’re tinkering, repairing, or maintaining, it will likely be the hub for all your in-home projects. Your workbench should be heavy enough not to move and sturdy enough to not wiggle or creak while performing labor-intensive tasks. A bench like the Dewalt Industrial Storage Rack Work Bench will provide plenty of space to hold the tools you use most often. It also includes a pegboard to organize smaller items and electrical cords easily. You will want to give yourself plenty of space around the workbench so your movement isn’t prohibited and ensure your area is well lit with proper lighting for optimum use.


Regardless of the weather, a generator is a tool every garage should have. You may think generators are only needed in the winter when the threat of snow and ice is most imminent. However, high winds, thunderstorms, and lightning are potential causes of power outages. In the winter, electricity for heat and food preparation is essential to survival. Even in the summer, a backup power source will keep your refrigerator and freezer running to prevent food spoilage. If you have medical equipment that requires a consistent power source, a generator should be non-negotiable. 

Air Compressor

While most people may overlook it, an air compressor will quickly become an integral part of your workflow once you have it. Your compressor will help inflate tires, power pneumatic tools, clean your workbench, and fill your inflatable pool for the summer. You should purchase a compressor that will provide more power than you think you’ll need. For example, the Duracell Jumpstarter with Air Compressor will deliver 160 PSI. Since most common air compressors range from 90 to 150 PSI, you will have adequate pressure to perform almost any task. The Duracell compressor also includes a jumpstarter that will quickly revive batteries in engines up to 8 cylinders. This brings us to the last tool every garage should have. 

Vehicle Jump Starter

If you’ve ever experienced a dead car battery, you know firsthand why this is a tool every garage should have. Instead of being forced to wait for costly roadside assistance to recharge your battery, you can save your time and your money with a portable emergency jump starter. Look for a jump starter that can rapidly charge any car battery, has reverse polarity protection, and is spark proof. Some jump starters will even have USB technology to charge your portable electronics rapidly.


Now that you’ve begun to build a list of tools to store in your garage, you’ll need to protect your tools from being swallowed up in a black hole of clutter. The most productive shops are organized and operate in a functional space. This means you’ll need proper shelving, boxes, and racks. Our Dewalt Storage Rack will allow you to store even the heaviest of items. The best option will have adjustable shelves and be sturdy enough to support heavy items without bending under pressure or falling over. Tool organization racks are essential for protecting your tools and yourself from stray tools lying around the garage where they may cause damage to you or your belongings. 

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