Best Swimming and Diving Accessories

Swimming is a great way to stay fit and cool in hot weather. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, swimming is one of the top 5 exercise choices among Americans. Diving can be a fun activity for everyone in the family. Over 10 million Americans go snorkeling or scuba diving at least once every year. However, swimming and diving without the proper equipment can be dangerous because it increases the risk of injuries. That’s why choosing the right gear is essential. Whether a beginner or a seasoned swimmer and diver, here are the best swimming and diving accessories you need in your aquatic arsenal.

Essential Swimming Accessories 

Quality, durable swimming gear can make you a faster and safer swimmer.  Here are some of the best swimming accessories you need to work out like a pro.


This may seem obvious, but a good swimsuit is at the top of our list of best swimming accessories. Swimsuits that are specifically designed for the sport will make you more dynamic and faster. For women, opt for a durable one-piece swimsuit to reduce the risk of clothing mishaps. Jammers are a great option for men because they provide a similar compression to Speedos but with more coverage. Be sure to always hand wash your swimwear and hang it to dry to prolong its life.


While you can swim without goggles, it’s difficult to sustain over time. Goggles act similarly to the windshield of a car when it’s raining; they help you see where you are going! This is especially important when swimming in pools, so you can see the walls. 

There are three primary types of goggles. Clear goggles, like the Aqua Pro Visionist, give you an undistorted view of the water. These are typically best for beginners. Mirrored goggles act like sunglasses and reduce the amount of glare from the sun. The Aqua Pro Stingray Goggles reduce glare and provide UV400 protection. Finally, amber goggles have a brown tint in the lenses and are best for indoor or evening swimming. No matter when or where you swim, goggles are one of the best swimming accessories you can own.

Swim Cap

A swim cap allows your head to move through the water without interruption. This can help you swim faster and be more hydrodynamic. Swim caps also protect your hair and scalp from chlorinated water, which can be very drying. Swim caps help to keep your goggles in place and protect your ears from Swimmers’ Ear. Most swim caps are either made of latex or silicone. Latex is thinner and is less likely to pull on your hair, but silicone is more likely to last longer. Ultimately, the choice is yours!

Kickboards, Pull Buoys, and Hand Paddles

Kickboards, pull buoys, and hand paddles are additional pieces of training gear that can enhance your swimming workout. Kickboards are great for isolating either the arms or legs. They are typically heavy and keep your body on the surface of the water. 

Pull buoys are worn between the thighs and cause the legs to float. This allows you to focus on arm strength and let your legs take a break. Hand paddles also serve to develop upper body strength. Hand paddles look similar to boxing strike pads and allow your hands to catch and move a greater volume of water while you swim. Each of these accessories will help you grow into a better, stronger swimmer.

Essential Diving Accessories

Whether you like to snorkel or scuba dive, there are several accessories that you should own. Here are some of the best diving accessories.

Snorkeling Mask or Diving Mask

Snorkeling masks and diving masks are essential diving accessories. Snorkel masks allow you to breathe while your face is in the water. These masks cover your nose and attach to a snorkel tube which allows you to keep your head under the water longer. The Aqua Pro Frontier is a full-face snorkeling mask that is suitable for divers 12 and older.

Diving masks, on the other hand, are more suited for diving more than 10 feet below the surface. Typical snorkeling masks and goggles are made of polycarbonate plastic, while diving masks are made with sturdier plastic and tempered glass lenses, like the Aqua Pro Makena. Always use a mask to get the most out of your diving experience.


Fins are one of the best swimming and diving accessories. The primary purpose of fins is to aid divers and swimmers in moving more efficiently without exerting more energy. They can also help correct your swimming form. The Classic Accessories Turbo Thruster Fins provide a slim profile with a heel strap to help them stay on throughout your diving experience. These fins also have vented blades to help you move even faster through the water.

Swimming and diving can be a fun workout or activity for the whole family, but it’s important to be prepared. Go to Omni Outdoor Living for the best swimming and diving accessories!

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