Different Types of Basketball Rims

With basketball season coming back, it is time to return to the courts. If you want to start practicing at home, you will need to invest in a goal. Unfortunately, purchasing a basketball goal is easier said than done if you are unsure of what you want. For example, there are different rims on the market, each with its own benefit. Purchasing the correct rim for you is imperative if you want to be on your A game while on the court. Here are the different types of basketball rims!

Flex Rims

Flex rims are the most common type of rim on the court. As the name implies, a flex rim can bend under pressure. This relieves the stress that a rim experiences when it is dunked on. By flexing down when a player hangs from them, a flex rim better absorbs the impact from players. Flex rims are known for their long lifespan both indoors and outdoors. This makes them a popular choice for gyms and homes alike. If you are unsure what rims to go with, then flex will do the job!

Breakaway Rims

Breakaway rims have similar designs to flex rims but have one major difference. A breakaway rim includes a detent mechanism installed inside the box by the return springs. A detent mechanism regulates the pressure required to flex a rim down. This gives the rim a better feeling and increases its durability when dunked on. For these reasons, breakaway rims are used in competition. It is important to note that should you purchase a breakaway rim, it will need to be lubricated now and again. Doing so will keep things running smoothly and give the goal a better feel. This holds especially true if the goal is outdoors. 

Fixed Rims

Unlike flex rims and breakaway rims, fixed rims do not bend when put under pressure. Fixed rims are most commonly found on heavy-duty and abusive courts. Because a fixed rim does not employ pivots or springs, it will never fall victim to over-usage. Most high-quality fixed rims never need to be replaced!

With all that being said, a fixed rim has its downsides. They feel a lot worse than the other two rims. On top of that, the cheaper options on the market are all less than ideal. They do not have the survivability of the more expensive fixed rims while still maintaining the issues that come with owning one. You should only invest in a fixed rim if you need it to endure harsh conditions. 

Double Rims

Double rims are the bane of many players, but they serve their purpose. Double-rimmed hoops are stronger than single rims, and they last longer outdoors. This durability is why you often find them on playgrounds and outdoor courts. 

The reason that some players despise double rims is that they offer less room for error. These rims do not give the player much wiggle room on their shots because they do not absorb as much energy. You will find that many of your shots will bounce right out of the hoop if they are not perfect. On the other hand, owning a double-rimmed hoop means that your play will improve. Your shots will become cleaner once you get acclimated to a double rim, and you will perform better on a single rim. There is a reason that the NBA uses double rims for all of its games.

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