How to Replace a Basketball Rim

Basketball rims suffer a ton of abuse over time. Every shot is an impact absorbed by the rim. Every dunk is potentially a rim-ruining experience. Cheap basketball rims will quickly fail after sustaining too much abuse. Eventually, you’ll need to replace your rim with a higher-quality option. When that time comes, it’s important to be prepared. Here’s how to replace a basketball rim!

Choosing the Right Basketball Rim

There are many different types of basketball rims, and not all of them will be compatible with your goal. Choosing the right basketball rim will make the replacement process easier and prevent frustrating returns. 

When ordering your new basketball rim, it’s important to understand that each brand generally expects consumers to buy all future replacement rims from them. This results in most brands having their own unique bolt pattern that generally won’t accommodate other rims. So, for example, if you have a Goalrilla backboard, you shouldn’t be looking for a Spalding rim.

Aside from matching manufacturers and bolt patterns, you should also match model to model. Each rim should list the goals it is compatible with. Take, for example, the Goalrilla breakaway rims.


To easily find a suitable rim for your goal, search within your brand and model. Once you’ve purchased the correct product, it’s time to replace the


Gather Your Tools

While it’s possible to replace your basketball rim by yourself, it is far easier if you have someone to help you. Aside from a partner, you’ll also need:

  • A ladder (if your goal is not adjustable)
  • Your new basketball rim
  • A screwdriver
  • A socket set

Once you’ve gathered the necessary tools, you can begin replacing your basketball rim. 

Remove the Old Rim

Removing the old rim is simple. Lower your goal to its lowest position. If you cannot reach the rim, you may need to utilize a ladder or step stool. Once the rim is lowered, use your screwdriver to remove the panel cover just below the rim. This covers the bolts fastening the rim to the backboard.

After removing the panel cover, loosen the bolts from behind the backboard while having your helper stabilize the rim to keep it even. After removing the nuts, pull the rim and bolts through the backboard and set it aside.

Install Your New Basketball Rim

Installing your new basketball rim is just as simple as removing the old one. Insert your bolts through the holes in the rim, and slide them through the holes in the backboard. Have your helper hold the rim while you finger-tighten the nuts on the back of the bolts.

Once everything is tightened by hand, go back over it with your socket set. Then, using your screwdriver, replace the access panel to cover the bolt heads. The only other step is to attach your new net. Now you can resume practicing your basketball drills at home!

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