The Best Gear for Winter Hiking: Essential Items for Keeping Warm and Safe on the Trail

Before hitting the snowy trails this winter, you must ensure that you have the proper gear. Going in unprepared greatly increases the chance of an injury happening to you. Here is the best gear for winter hiking to stay warm and safe on the trail!

What gear do I need to hike in the winter?

Here is some specific gear you need to hike in the winter and ways you can use it!

What to wear when hiking in the winter?

Winter hiking can be dangerous if you underdress. You must layer your clothing appropriately to stay comfortable during the journey. You should invest in gloves, a hat, a coat, a scarf or neck gaiter, and snow boots before hitting the trails. You should refrain from wearing cotton since it absorbs water and can cause frostbite. Doing so will keep you warm while outside and keeps the cold from affecting your muscle function. 

It is imperative that you bring sunglasses with you when hiking out in the snow. The sun reflects off of the ice, making it hard to see while you are on the trails. One misstep could mean a serious injury, so help your vision as much as possible. 

A Waterproof Flashlight

You will likely do most of your hiking during the day; however, the snow sets early on during the winter. If you are caught in the dark, then the last thing you want is to be without a light source. Invest your money in a powerful flashlight before tackling the snowy grounds so you can see where you are going. The ice and snow can ruin a standard flashlight, so make sure that it is waterproof.

A Waterproof Backpack

You need a good backpack to aid you during your winter hikes. You are going to be holding food, water, and extra gear in it while on your hike. Should the backpack tear or get wet, then you will be in danger of damaging your goods, leaving you without any equipment to aid you. The Agua Pro 20 Liter Backpack is a great form of storage to aid you on your hike. It is completely waterproof, and it will carry everything you need while maintaining a lightweight.

Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are a necessary addition to your collection of winter gear. They help you keep your footing on the trail. This holds especially true in the snow. Again, one of the biggest dangers of hiking during the winter is the uneven and slippery terrain. Keeping your balance is a challenge without the proper equipment to back you up. Trekking poles are a cheap and easy solution to this problem.

An Ice Axe

An ice axe serves the same function as trekking poles, but it exists to help you keep your footing on the ice, not the snow. By swinging it into the ground and holding onto it, you will give yourself a stable object to help keep your balance. As you use its handle for some added traction, you will find it easier to ascend and descend slopes.

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