Organizing Your Garage – Making The Most of Your Space

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Outdoor experiences require lots of equipment. No matter if it’s products for your lawn and garden, tools, or sports gear, that equipment can take up a lot of room in your yard or garage. Whether you actually live in a small space or it just feels like you do, knowing organization techniques is key to making the most of your space. 

Organization Techniques For the Backyard

Did you know that there are several different organization techniques you can use in your own backyard? Here are a few ways that you can start making the most of your space in the yard. 

Patio/Deck Boxes

Patio and deck boxes are an excellent place for storing things outside. They make a great organization technique for anything from children’s toys to grill supplies. They can also be used to hold outdoor chair cushions or even gardening tools. 

Even better, you could invest in a patio or deck box that also doubles as seating to save even more space in your backyard. 


Firewood Racks

Installing firewood racks is a great way to keep your firewood organized. It helps the firewood stay off of the ground, allowing it to dry properly. If your firewood were to remain on the ground, it would absorb moisture, preventing it from drying. 

Trash & Recycling Containers

Cleaning up your trash outside is a good starting point for organizing your yard. If you have trash or recycling outside in your yard, make sure that your containers have tight-fitting lids. This will also help reduce smell and discourage bugs and other pests from taking up residence in your yard. 

Storage Sheds

Storage sheds are easy to install and give you another place to store your equipment. They are excellent for storing lawn and gardening equipment in a designated area. Storage sheds are typically weather-resistant and lockable and can provide quick access to your equipment anywhere you choose in your yard. If you have a very large yard, this could be a great alternative location to storing things in your garage. 

Organization Techniques For the Garage

The garage can be a very multi-functional space, especially if there are children around. As such, it’s important to use organization techniques in order to start making the most of your space. 


Shelving can create a storage space for getting things off the floor, ensuring you always have room to park your car in the garage. You can use shelving to hold many different kinds of products, paints, work shoes, and tools. It’s a highly affordable organization technique that is easy to install. 

Toolboxes and Cabinets

Toolboxes and cabinets are another way that you can organize your equipment easily, keeping it together in one place. Creating a toolbox or tool cabinet area could be the beginning of a shop area in your garage. Cabinets are an excellent option for keeping heavier items like floor jacks, and jack stands tucked away. You could also consider installing peg boards to hang tools along the wall of your garage. It’s one more idea for getting things off of your garage floor, freeing up room for other things like cars or recreational areas. 

Vertical Storage Solutions

Consider installing hooks or other wall and ceiling storage solutions to hold things like ladders, bicycles, sleds, kayaks, and more. There is no shortage of custom storage solutions to help you get items off your garage floor while making them easily accessible. Storing things efficiently can help you start making the most of your space. 

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