Preparing to Hike in the Snow

Hiking in the snow is a rewarding and fun experience; unfortunately, it is also a dangerous one. If you are unprepared to hike in the snow, then you are going to encounter some severe hardship along the way. Here is everything you need to know so you can have a successful trip!

Secure the Proper Gear

Before hiking in the snow, you need to secure the proper gear. Going on the trail unprepared puts you at risk of danger. Keeping that in mind, you should invest in these items before heading out on the trails.

An ice axe is a great tool to keep on you while traversing the snow. It is by mountaineers to both ascend and descend steep icy slopes. By swinging it into the ice, you can use the handle for added traction. This will help you keep your footing if the ground is slippery. 

A waterproof flashlight is a good addition to your hiking kit. Even if you are not planning on going hiking late at night, it is better to be safe than sorry. The added benefit of the flashlight being waterproof means that it will not give out on you once it gets wet.

You should employ matches along with hand and foot warmers to stay warm on the trail. Once your fingers and toes go numb, you are going to have a more challenging time keeping your balance in the snow. Minimizing your appendage’s exposure to the cold as much as possible is essential!

Wearing the Right Clothes

It is no secret that hiking in the snow is going to be cold. You may think you are prepared to tackle this; however, a winter coat is not going to be enough to save you from the frigid weather. You should at least be wearing 2-3 layers overtop your body. On top of that, you need to bring gloves, a hat, a scarf, and sunglasses to reduce the glare from the snow. Make sure that you refrain from wearing cotton, as it will absorb moisture and cause water to stay in contact with your skin. 

Start Hiking Early

The last thing you want to lose on a snowy hike is your light source. Start your hike early and give yourself as much sun as possible. If the hike takes longer than anticipated, then do not be shy about cutting it short. Hiking in the snow while it is dark is a dangerous game. If you do not have any experience with it, then you could get lost or slip.

Bring a Partner

Bringing one or more people on your hike with you is a good idea. Should something happen to you, then it is good to have a friend around to take care of you. Hiking alone is risky, so if you can get someone to go with you, then do so.

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